Patron gives back to the library with service project

In addition to our upcoming new library, we now have a new stage for future puppet shows! Andrew Tucker, from Boy Scout Troop 365, Capital Area Council, made a new puppet stage for his Eagle Scout project. This project was completed by him and his family and sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

In Andy’s words…

I was born here in Round Rock and have known Ms. Theresa since just about that time. Even though I was little, I remember my mom taking me to see puppet shows at the library. I have very good memories of watching the plays and laughing with the other kids. As I advanced in Boy Scouts, Ms. Theresa sought me out to see if I’d be willing to construct a new puppet stage for my Eagle Scout project. The former puppet stage was designed and constructed by an Eagle Scout approximately 20 years ago. I am proud to carry on this tradition of community service. Currently, I am a junior at Round Rock High School and I expect to earn my Eagle Scout rank this year.




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