Police to increase patrols in Collision Reduction Zones

University Blvd between I-35, Sunrise is first area targeted

Heads up (literally). Certain stretches of road have been designated collision reduction zones by Round Rock Police, which means there will be an increased police presence enforcing routine traffic laws. The areas were picked because they are among the most frequently reported collision sites.

Currently, those sites are:

  • University Blvd between IH-35 and Sunrise Road
  • Louis Henna and IH-35
  • A.W. Grimes and Gattis School Road
  • IH-35

The latest annual crash analysis revealed specific areas — and times of day in these areas — in which crashes are more likely. For the duration of the program, the RRPD Traffic Unit will alter its operations to more closely align with this analysis. Signage will be placed in these zones and enforcement of specific offenses contributing to crashes will be increased. Remember, don’t text and drive, watch your speed, and keep a safe distance.

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