Rain barrels area available at discount

The last day to order for the City Utilities and Environmental Services Department rain barrel sale is Saturday, May 7.

Three sizes of rain barrel will be available to pre-purchase online at cityrainbarrelprogram.org. There are no limits on quantity.

Rainwater harvesting is an easy way to reduce or prevent erosion that is happening on your property, make plants happy (the rainwater contains Nitrogen, a fertilizer), and use less treated potable water!

Residents can pick up the barrels on Saturday, May 14, at Dell Diamond.

These rain barrels are available at a discounted price to encourage residents to conserve water and protect water quality.

  • These barrels ARE eligible for the City’s Water Harvesting RebateRebate is available to direct City of Round Rock water customers only.
  • Purchase as many barrels as you want!
  • The sale is not limited to Round Rock residents, anyone can purchase barrels.

Three sizes of barrels are available:

Spring Savespringsaver rainbarrel_9-9-14r Barrel
• 50-gallon barrel
• Compact flat back design
• 32″ tall x 24″ wide
• 6 color choices = $64.99 each
• recycled black barrel = $59.99 each


rainsaver rainbarrel_9-9-14Rain Saver Barrel
• 54-gallon barrel
• Traditional barrel design
• 36″ tall x 23″ wide
• 3 color choices
• $84.99 each


classic rainbarrel_9-9-14Classic Barrel
100-gallon barrel = $184.99
150-gallon barrel = $239.99

250-gallon barrel = $344.99
Sunshield interior lining prevents mold/algae growth
28 color choices

Downspout Diverters

Diverts water from your gutter downspouts without having to cut off or shorten the gutter downspout to fit on the top of your barrel.

Diverter Kit_9-24-14

Downspout Diverter Kit for round or rectangular gutter downspouts
– Fill Hose
– Fill Hose Seal
– Diverter
– 2 pc. Hole Saw Set
– 2 Screws
– User Guide

Diverter Selector Valve $21_9-24-14

Downspout Diverter Selector Valve $ 21.00 each  (Note: you must purchase a downspout diverter with the selector valve, in order for the valve to work)
– Diverter Selector Valve
– 2 Multi-hose Adapters
– Fill Hose
– Fill Hose Seal

For additional information on this sale, please contact Jessica Woods by email or at 512-671-2872.



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