Conservation Rebates

The City of Round Rock offers rebates to direct City water customers to help in conserving water. Thank you for doing your part to help extend the City’s water supply!
**Rebate Opportunity from LCRA** 
City of Round Rock is now an LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) water customer.  This means direct CORR water customers are eligible for the LCRA water conservation programs in addition to the City programs. 
City of Round Rock MUD customers (Teravista, Vista Oaks, Williamson County MUD 22, Siena, Fern Bluff, and Paloma Lake) can also apply for the LCRA rebates.  
They offer rebates on the following:
    • irrigation system evaluations by a Licensed Irrigator,
    • irrigation system equipment (WaterSense controllers, weather sensors, pressure reduction equipment),
    • swimming pool covers and filters,
    • lawn aeration, compost, and mulch application, and soil testing 

Find LCRA rebate program information at 

**Please note LCRA uses different applications and may have different requirements than City programs.  Maximum rebate is $600 per residential account.

City of Round Rock Rebates (listed below) are available to direct City water customers only.

This is because a small portion of our City customer’s water bill is designated for the water conservation budget.  MUD customers are not eligible, as they do not contribute to the City’s funding.

Residential and Commercial Programs:

Clothes Washer Rebate
For the purchase of a high efficiency clothes washer.

Clothes washers account for 22% of water use inside our homes. New front-loading efficient washers use 15-40% less water, depending on age of previous washer. Energy Star labeled washers use 20% less energy, 35% less water, and have larger wash tubs, which means fewer loads.

Lawn Aeration and Compost Rebate
For the combination of aeration and compost application lawn services.  
  • Property must have both aeration and compost added to lawn.
  • Work may be completed by a professional, or DIY.
  • Fertilizer application does not qualify as compost.
  • Liquid aeration or core aeration qualifies.
  • Rebate amount is $100 per residential account, $300 per commercial account.
  • For full details see the Lawn Aeration & Compost Rebate.

Core aeration and compost, helps in reducing soil compaction, promotes deep root growth, and reduces water runoff.

Water Flow Sensor Rebate
For the purchase and installation of an approved water flow sensor device.

Water flow sensing devices record your water use and identify potential leaks at your property and alert you to unusual usage.  This can save you money due to damage caused by a water leak, or a high water bill and prevents water from being wasted. 

Smart Irrigation Rebate
For specific irrigation upgrades and/or having your irrigation system checked by a Licensed Irrigator.
  • Available to customers with existing irrigation systems, not for new installations or additions.
  • Property must have a working rain sensor at each controller.  New sensors are eligible for rebate.
  • Maximum rebate amount is up to $500 per residential account, $800 per commercial account. 
  • For full details see Smart Irrigation Rebate.

Outdoor watering accounts for approximately 60% of the City’s total water use in the summer! By making irrigation systems more efficient, we can reduce water use, water waste, and improve the health of landscapes.  

*NEW* Better Bathroom Rebate (pilot program)
For the purchase and installation of new WaterSense labeled toilets, showerheads, and faucets to home bathrooms.
  • Single-family homes and duplexes are eligible for this rebate.
  • Property MUST have been built before January 1, 2006.
  • Toilet rebate portion may be denied if the property participated in previous City toilet rebate programs.
  • Rebate amount is 50% of the cost of the fixture, up to $500 per residential account.
  • For full details see Better Bathroom Rebate Application

Bathrooms are the highest water using rooms of the house, accounting for half of indoor water use! By updating and choosing WaterSense labeled plumbing fixtures, you’ll save water, energy, and money.  Switching to a WaterSense labeled showerhead saves 2,700 gallons of water annually and enough energy to power your home for 11 days.

Rainwater Collection Rebate
For the purchase and installation of water collection materials.
  • Newly purchased barrels or tanks must be designed specifically to collect and store water. Used or self-made barrels (i.e. converted trash cans or drums) are not eligible.
  • Rebate is 50 cents per gallon of storage capacity of the tank and 50% of pad material, pump, & pipes for the collection project.
  • Maximum rebate is up to $600 per water account, per year.
  • For full details see Rainwater Collection Rebate.

Rainwater can be used for non-potable purposes such as watering plants and landscapes. Rainwater is better for plants than treated potable water, due to higher nitrogen levels – reduces soil erosion on the property and helps conserve our drinking water supply.

Commercial ONLY Programs:

Commercial Plumbing Fixture Rebate

For the purchase of WaterSense Certified toilets, flush urinals, showerheads, faucet aerators, and/or pre-rinse spray valves.

  • Available to commercial, industrial, governmental, and apartment properties.
  • Rebate is 50% of the cost of the fixture, up to $100 per fixture.
  • Maximum rebate is $600 per water account.
  • For full details see Commercial Plumbing Fixture Rebate.

Toilets are the largest water-using fixture inside a property; by replacing old toilets with efficient, 1.28 gallons per flush, toilets, you can save up to 4,000 gallons of water per toilet, per year!

For questions or to have an application sent to you, please email Jessica Woods or call 512-671-2872.

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