Conservation Rebates

                                                         EFFECTIVE MAY 8, 2020, ALL Round Rock rebates are closed.

                                     Funding has been expended for the fiscal year; the new fiscal year begins October 1st.

                                 Round Rock Customers CAN apply for rebates from the LCRA at 

The City of Round Rock offers rebates to direct City water customers that are taking steps to conserve water. Thank you for doing your part to help protect the City’s water supply!
  • Rebates are available to direct City of Round Rock water customers (MUD customers are not eligible).

Residential and Commercial Programs:

Clothes Washer Rebate
For the purchase of a high efficiency clothes washer.
  • New washers must be on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency Washer List
  • Rebate is $100 per washer, limit one rebate per residential account. Commercial accounts may be eligible for more.
  • For full details see Clothes Washer Rebate.

Clothes washers account for 22% of water use inside our homes. New front-loading efficient washers use 15-40% less water, depending on age of previous washer. Energy Star labeled washers use 20% less energy, 35% less water, and have larger wash tubs, which means fewer loads.

*NEW* Lawn Aeration and Compost Rebate
For the combination of core aeration and compost application lawn services.This new rebate is for having your yard aerated AND adding a layer of compost to the yard.
  • Property must have both core aeration and compost added to lawn.
  • Work may be completed by a professional, or DIY.
  • Rebate amount is $100 per residential account, $300 per commercial account.
  • For full details see the Lawn Aeration and Compost Rebate.

Core aeration and compost, reduce compaction, promote deep root growth and reduce water runoff.

*NEW* Water Flow Sensor Rebate
For the purchase and installation of an approved water flow sensor device.
  • Rebate amount is $100 per water account.
  • For full details see Water Flow Sensor Rebate.

Water flow sensing devices record your water use and identify potential leaks at your property and alert you to unusual usage.  This can save you money due to damage caused by a water leak, or a high water bill and prevents water from being wasted. 

Irrigation System Check-Up
For an irrigation system check-up or tune-up by a Licensed Irrigator.
  • Service must be conducted by a Licensed Irrigator.
  • Rebate is 50% of the cost of service, up to $150 per water account, per year.
  • For full details see Irrigation System Check-Up Rebate.

Ensuring your irrigation system is performing at its best, saves you money and helps prevent water waste.

Irrigation System Up-Grades
For specific upgrades to existing irrigation systems.
  • Available to customers with existing irrigation systems.
  • Property MUST have a working rain sensor at each controller. New sensors are eligible for rebate.
  • Rebate amount is up to $300 per residential account, $600 per commercial account.
  • For full details see Irrigation System Upgrade Rebate.

Outdoor watering accounts for approximately 60% of the City’s total water use in the summer! By making irrigation systems more efficient, we can reduce water use, water waste, and improve the health of landscapes.

Rainwater Collection Rebate
For the purchase and installation of water collection materials.
  • Newly purchased barrels or tanks must be designed specifically to collect and store water. Used or self-made barrels (i.e. converted trash cans or drums) are not eligible.
  • Rebate is for a portion of the cost of the barrel, pad material, pump, pipes, and gutters for the rainwater collection project.
  • Rebate is up to $600 per water account, per year.
  • For full details see Rainwater Collection Rebate.

Rainwater can be used for non-potable purposes such as watering plants and landscapes. Rainwater is better for plants than treated potable water, due to higher nitrogen levels – reduces soil erosion on the property and helps conserve our drinking water supply.

Commercial ONLY Programs:

Commercial Plumbing Fixture Rebate

For the purchase of WaterSense Certified toilets, flush urinals, showerheads, faucet aerators and/or pre-rinse spray valves.

  • Available to commercial, industrial, governmental, and apartment properties.
  • Rebate is 50% of the cost of the fixture, up to $100 per fixture.
  • Maximum rebate is $600 per water account.
  • For full details see Commercial Plumbing Fixture Rebate.

Toilets are the largest water-using fixture inside a property; by replacing old toilets with efficient, 1.28 gallons per flush, toilets, you can save up to 4,000 gallons of water per toilet, per year!

For questions or to have an application sent to you, please email Jessica Woods or call 512-671-2872.

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