Report: Round Rock population will grow by almost 75,000 over 20 years

The City of Round Rock has released 2020-2040 population projections, which estimate that Round Rock’s population will grow by almost 75,000 people over the two decades. 

The City’s Planning and Development Services Department (PDS) developed population projections for the 20-year period for the area within the City Limits and for Greater Round Rock. Greater Round Rock includes the city limits population and the population of Round Rock’s Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction, including Municipal Utility Districts.

The 2020 Census was used as the base year for the city limits. Census tract boundaries outside of the city limits do not correspond exactly to the Greater Round Rock limits; therefore, the city created a 2020 Greater Round Rock population estimate utilizing GIS to determine which portions of Census tracts should be included in the boundary.

The report, now available for download, outlines projection methodology and assumptions. The data projects significant population growth over the next 20 years.

This population growth will result from projects that are currently being developed, future development of vacant land in compliance with the City’s adopted Future Land Use Map in its comprehensive plan, Round Rock 2030, and potential redevelopment resulting in increased residential density and/or mixed-use.

The City of Round Rock’s official population projections will help the city better anticipate the needs of a growing region. Each year, the PDS replaces the projected population of that year with a current estimate. Round Rock’s 2022 estimated population is 124,614 within the city limits.




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