School Resource Officer detains student after altercation

On Oct. 8, at approximately 2:15 p.m. Round Rock Police School Resource Officers (SROs) were requested by Round Rock High School Administrators to assist with a fight in the cafeteria between two male high school students. The administrator stated she was unable to de-escalate the fight and needed police assistance.

Two Round Rock Police Department SROs responded to break up the fight. One male student refused to comply with an administrator and was attempting to continue to fight the other student. SROs began speaking with the student to calm him down and to de-escalate the situation by walking him into another area of the building. The student refused to calm down and was attempting to get past the SROs to the location of the other student to continue with the altercation. After repeated attempts to calm the non-compliant student, and stop him from going after the other student, officers were forced to detain him for his safety and the safety of others.

The student later calmed down and was released from detention at Round Rock High School with no criminal charges filed at this time.  This incident is currently under review by the police department staff.




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