Round Rock Library

Our Third Floor Veranda – Views Like Never Before

Written by: Edward Y., Adult Services Manager

Round Rock’s new public library had its grand opening on January 28th, 2023. And while there were many festive and beautiful things to see that day: marching band drummers, Stony Point’s JROTC honor guard, and many of our neighbors dressed in their finest, perhaps the most beautiful is still available for all to see anytime the library is open: our third-floor veranda.  

This balcony overlooks the burgeoning downtown of Round Rock in a 270-degree arc, with only the north-easterly directions missing. To the east, a visitor can either people watch as eager fellow patrons stroll from the parking garage into our library or appreciate the joy of children at play in our courtyard. Beyond that, a slight crane of the neck can look further down Liberty Ave. upon some of the downtown residences, many of which are over a hundred years old.  

Glancing southward, our bustling Main St. businesses can be seen from an all-new vantage point, with some of the oldest buildings revealing interesting details hidden from most of us for over 150 years. One literary-minded alehouse has an inviting banner especially for library patrons, best viewed from this 3rd floor porch! Busy I-35 can also be seen stretching sinuously on the southerly horizon. 

Turning westward, the iconic Round Rock water tower dominates the view. Built in the 1930s as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project, it lends a valuable old-fashioned charm to our city even though it’s no longer used for its original purpose; we’ve long since moved on to piping in and treating water from the local lakes. One also sees a unique view of so many of our neighbors, like the 25-year-old Primera Iglesia Bautista or the ever-popular Kawaii Shaved Ice. 

To the northwest there’s a unique view of our most downtown public school, C.D. Fulkes Middle School. For decades RRPL has provided a safe and nurturing environment for these students, whether they need additional help with their education or just a fun place to hang out after school. Now their digs have gotten that much fancier! 

This western focus of our veranda has an additional great benefit: fantastic sunsets!  Come take a photo of yourself and friends with all the cool backgrounds our cityscape provides! Just be sure you’re here during the right times, we close the veranda a bit earlier than the rest of the library as we go through security procedures. The veranda closes 30 minutes before the official library closing time for the day, so the veranda is open until 8:30pm, Monday through Thursday, and 5:30pm, Friday through Sunday. No library card required, but we sure hope you get one while you’re here! 

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