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RRPL’s Fabulous Study Rooms!

Written by: Edward Y., Adult Services Manager

When the architects and building planners began the long, long process of designing our new library, they graciously made sure that library staff were usefully involved in those plans. The Adult Services Team, in charge of the collections and programs intended for our over 18 patrons, helped decide many of the features on the 3rd floor. One of the highest priorities we emphasized in those meetings was our study rooms. Always in high demand at the old library, we knew that all the additional business our lovely new building would engender meant the study room options must be augmented too!

And thus, each room features expanded elements so often requested by patrons of the old building. The six rooms are larger and designed for 1-4 people, with a large worktable and four chairs in each. There are HDMI accessible televisions, with a soundbar connecting by a standard 3.5 mm jack. These connections are housed in a wall panel found under each worktable.

The study rooms are mostly soundproof, (cue all the Newt character voice mimes!) Collaborative work is encouraged and expected. However, shouting, loud laughter, and many folks talking at the same time are very likely to bother your neighbors working, so please be conscientious of others! Also, while covered drinks are allowed, no food may be eaten in these rooms; that’s only allowed on our veranda or the 1st floor café area. Each study room also comes with a dry erase board. Please bring your own supplies for these options, we do not provide cables or markers/erasers for these rooms.

These rooms are also extremely popular, which presents a nice problem to have; they are almost always full! We have a reservation system available through our website to solve this issue, listed as ‘Reserve A Study Room’ on our homepage. You can make a reservation with your library card up to 6 days in advance. Because of the high demand, patrons are limited to one 2-hour block per day, twice within any six-day range of dates. These two-hour blocks always start on the hour, 9-11, 10-12, etc. All study rooms are closed 30 minutes before the library’s official closing time, so 8:30 Mon – Thurs, and 5:30 Fri – Sun.

We’re planning a needed upgrade as soon as budgets allow: blinds for the big windows. The view is very nice from all the rooms except D, (which doesn’t have a window to the outside), but they are east facing, and the morning sun can be pretty intense!

So, whether it’s a short meeting with a client, friends gathering to play a board game, (check out our 3rd floor game cart!), or students studying for a test or project, go to our website and book one of our study rooms!

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