Emergencies happen in a flash – Be prepared!

Emergency preparation supplies are tax free April 23-25

Emergencies happen in a flash! Thankfully for us, the Round Rock Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is ready for just about any situation and prepared to activate operations at a moments notice. Before, during and after a major emergency or disaster, this team works extremely hard to help keep you and our community safe during crisis.

Imagine a flurry of storms hits the area and very heavy rainfall is concentrated over Round Rock for multiple days. Or old man winter blows in freezing temperatures at the same time good ol’ El Nino decides it’s time to precipitate. Roads are icy and travel is treacherous. Or maybe we experience an incredible dry spell and one small spark creates an out-of-control wildfire. Homes and lives are in danger.

These situations sound familiar, don’t they? In any given year, we might experience all of these types of emergencies multiple times. In fact, over the past two years, our Emergency Management Division has activated crisis operations on more than eight separate occasions!

In addition to activating emergency operations and keeping our community safe in disaster, our Emergency Management staff are dedicated to communicating important safety and preparedness messages. Take the lightning safety video below as an example. It’s been viewed more than 3,000 times and will be distributed regionally for promotion before and during storms!

Speaking of preparedness, thousands of people have registered to receive mobile alerts about emergency situations from www.warncentraltexas.com! Have you?

And now that you’re set to receive emergency notifications, it’s time to make sure you’re prepared to keep your family safe during a crisis – and boy are you in luck! This weekend, all emergency preparedness supplies can be purchased tax free… ‘Tis the season to stock up, y’all!

Details about the tax-free weekend, including a list of items included, can be found here: http://comptroller.texas.gov/about/media-center/news/2016/160413-holiday.php