Homeland Security and Emergency Management


The Round Rock Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) is committed to serving the community before, during and after a major emergency or disaster through effective coordination of city departments, partnering agencies and organizations and encouraging community preparedness.

In addition to city and county resources, this web page provides links and information for resources including the Emergency Notification System Registration (ENS), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other helpful sites in preparation of or recovery from disasters.

September is Emergency Preparedness Month

Though we are still in the midst of a pandemic, there are other hazards we need to be aware of. We still have to be prepared for flash flooding, wildfires and severe thunderstorms! Learn more at ready.gov/plan and update your plan due to COVID-19. Be sure to pack cloth face coverings (for everyone over 2 years old) and disinfectants in your emergency bag, and check your sheltering plan.


It’s Hurricane Season in Texas! Be Ready, Round Rock!


Hurricane season began on June 1st, and though we are not on the coast, we are in “Flash Flood Alley:”, so we can still experience strong winds, rain and flooding from a hurricane or tropical storm. Stay weather aware and always remember to heed the advise of public safety personnel and the National Weather Service (NWS). If there is water across the road or a low water crossing, remember that you may not know how deep it is, so always “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”! 




Is it a severe thunderstorm watch or warning – What do you do? 


What if you hear thunder and you are outside – What do you do?


If there is a tornado warning – Where do I go? 


For after the storm information click here.

June is also Pet Preparedness Month! 

Pets are part of the family too, so make sure they are ready for emergencies too! Always have a collar with current tags, a leash, any medications, food and water. Take a picture of you and your pet so they can be identified as part of your family if lost. Know ahead of time where you will stay, and if a pet friendly hotel will be needed. More information on pet preparedness.