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Employee Spotlight: Margie Lopez, Code Enforcement

The term Code Enforcement doesn’t always have a positive connotation; in many communities, a visit from Code Enforcement might mean an automatic ticket or a fine.

Things are a little different here in Round Rock. Don’t get us wrong — Code Enforcement does respond to classic health, safety and sanitation concerns, including overgrown landscaping, rubbish in a backyard, stagnant water, low hanging branches that impede vehicular sight lines and more.

The difference? The City is committed to connecting residents with the resources they need to create lasting change that improves both their private property and the community at large.

Margie Lopez is the Code Enforcement Manager for the City, and for over 23 years she has dedicated herself to making Round Rock a better place to call home. Not through fines or code-related citations like many might think, but rather via a teamwork approach grounded in identifying problems and empowering communities of people to come together to solve them.

“Code enforcement for the City of Round Rock is very unique. There are no fines or citations. No revenue is generated. I’m not looking for violations, I am merely looking to provide information for compliance.”

Margie Lopez, Code Enforcement Manager

Neighborhood revitalization and protection is a top priority in Round Rock, but sometimes folks just simply don’t have the ability, due to physical or monetary constraints, to address issues. By working through the Neighborhood Services Division, Margie is often able to connect residents who are having a difficult time gaining compliance, with tools (check out the City’s Tool Lending Center!) and manpower (via City employee and community volunteers) to get the job done.

Margie has worked to adapt how Round Rock achieves compliance without issuing citations and levying fines. She gets creative to resolve issues and has developed a supportive network that helps her help residents throughout our community.

“She truly loves her job. She has a deep love for the City of Round Rock and is always looking for new ways to innovate and provide more to our residents.”

Joe Brehm, Director of Community Development

If residents see a code-related issue they feel may need to be addressed, they can make a report by contacting the City’s Code Enforcement Office at 512-341-3329 or via the City’s online Service Request Portal at

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