Tool Lending Center

The Round Rock City Council has made neighborhood revitalization and protection a top priority. The Tool Lending Center (TLC) is an effort toward that goal by Neighborhood Services that launched in April 2014.

The TLC allows residents the opportunity to check out tools and other implements to keep their neighborhoods beautiful and healthy.

The TLC was made possible by the Round Rock Home Depot donating $6,250 worth of tools.

The Tool Lending Center is designed to be deployed for organized projects such as neighborhood cleanups or other beautification projects where volunteers (scouts, church groups, school groups, etc.) are organized and available.

For neighborhood cleanups, tools will be available for residents of that neighborhood to checkout.

At this time the Tool Lending Center is not available for individuals to check out tools that are not part of an organized event. We are studying the interest level and logistics of making the Tool Lending Center available for all 111,000 residents to checkout tools on an individual basis.

List of tools available >

To learn more or make a reservation, contact For full tool lending trailer deployments we ask that you please give two weeks’ notice prior to your cleanup project.

About the Tool Lending Center launch

The City of Round Rock unveiled its new Tool Lending Center at a downtown neighborhood cleanup Saturday, April 5.

The unveiling took place at Veterans Park, 600 Pecan Ave. Round Rock City Councilmembers were on hand to serve breakfast tacos to residents and volunteers prior to the Heart of Round Rock Neighborhood Association cleanup. Also on hand were volunteers from Freedom Church in Round Rock, who helped work on yards for residents in need. Watch video of clean up at

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