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Empowering change: Round Rock utilizes federal grant for community-building

As the City of Round Rock continues its focus on core services, we’re also finding ways to put federal community-building funds to use through local organizations and initiatives that make a real difference. Several programs are paving the way to a brighter future through the distribution of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to local non-profits, which were recently highlighted in an article in the Austin American-Statesman. These stories underscore the significant role of CDBG funds in bolstering Round Rock’s community services, proving that strategic funding can create profound community benefits.

CDBG funds, provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, are designed to support a range of community development activities. These activities primarily focus on improving housing, expanding economic opportunities and creating suitable living environments, with a focus on low- and moderate-income residents. This funding is distributed to city government agencies that are then charged to find qualifying uses in their communities.

The following are some of the recent projects that were made possible through the CDBG program in the City of Round Rock:

  • Construction of new sidewalks in the Chisholm Valley Neighborhood
  • Purchase and installation of an ADA playground at Frontier Park
  • Rehabilitation of homes for low to moderate income residents
  • Funding for non-profits that provide much needed public services to the community
  • Purchase and installation of 7 bus shelters in low to moderate income areas

The City’s share of CDBG funding has recently supported organizations like the Round Rock Area Serving Center, CASA of Williamson County, Meals on Wheels and the Sacred Heart Community Clinic. Last year, the Round Rock Area Serving Center’s food pantry and housing program each received $25,000 in grant funds, aiding over 870 low-income residents. This year, the Serving Center is set to receive even more, with $30,000 for the food pantry and $29,388 for housing assistance.

Meals on Wheels, assisting seniors, received $11,114 last year, and is expected to get $15,000 this year. The Sacred Heart Community Clinic, which received $13,228 last year, will receive $10,000 this year to continue providing healthcare services to low-income residents.

CASA of Williamson County’s child advocacy program received $20,000 to assist children displaced from their homes due to abuse or neglect.

These funds translate into real help for real people, as seen in the stories of residents like Cathy Dahms, who told the Statesman that she relies on the Serving Center’s pantry to ease her family’s financial burden, or the 95 children who are expected to benefit from the funding to CASA.

As Round Rock enters the fourth year of its Five-Year Consolidated Plan for CDBG funds, our focus is on sustainable community development through services like housing assistance, healthcare and senior care, in addition to infrastructure needs in targeted areas like sidewalks and new playgrounds. These efforts aim to ensure that the benefits of CDBG funds are felt across the community.

By channeling these resources into vital community projects and services, we are not just making improvements; we are enhancing lives. As we continue to leverage these grants, we hope to empower and uplift our community, proving that when we invest wisely, the whole city shines brighter.

Read the Statesman’s article here: Round Rock gives $104K in grants to help 4 nonprofits provide food, housing, health care

Learn more about the City of Round Rock’s CDBG program at

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