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Employee Spotlight: Sgt. Nick Simpson, Round Rock Police Department

From walking the halls of Round Rock High School to patrolling the streets of our very own city, Round Rock Police Department Sgt. Nick Simpson is a homegrown hero who is doing his part to shape the future of community policing.

Born and raised in Round Rock, Sgt. Simpson served in the U.S. Navy for five years after graduating from Round Rock High School. He then joined the Round Rock Police Department in 2007, serving as a Field Training Officer for eight years and a member of the SWAT team for 10 years. In 2019, he promoted to sergeant, overseeing patrol for four years.

In 2023, he became the sergeant over Community Affairs/Professional Standards, a role that allows him to directly impact the relationship between the police department and the Round Rock community. The unit collaborates with a variety of community groups and organizations to meet a wide range of needs through programs such as Step N2 Success, Junior Police Academy, Citizens Police Academy, National Night Out and Round Rock Blue Santa. Through these proactive programs, Simpson and his team aim to meet the varied needs of the community, strengthening trust and understanding between residents and law enforcement officers.

    “We can’t do it without our community,” he said. “We can’t do it without having that public trust and that relationship that’s been established.”

    Born into a family with a rich legacy of police service, Simpson is the third generation to don the uniform. The examples set by his father and grandfather, who both served as officers, deeply influenced his decision to pursue a life dedicated to public service.

    Throughout his career, Simpson has experienced firsthand the impact that individual interactions can have on both officers and community members alike. In the endless rhythm of day-to-day duties, the routine work of policing can sometimes become the focus. But there are meaningful moments that cut through the monotony and serve as reminders that beyond the calls, officers have the power to make a lasting impression.

    “It’s those times when someone approaches you on the street and they come up and they shake your hand and say thank you. They remember that moment that you not just made an impact on their life but you changed their life. And those are the moments that I live for,” he said. “Those are the moments why I put on this uniform.”

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