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Rain Barrel Sale & Conservation Rebates

The City’s Water Conservation Program is selling rain barrels for 40% off retail price to help you have a ready supply of FREE water for your garden, plants, and lawn! There is no limit to how many barrels you can order.

Pre-Order online now thru October 16!

Benefits of Rainwater:

  • It’s Free! Use less of the water you pay for and more of the water that’s free!
  • Better for plants than treated water
  • Reduces/prevents soil erosion
  • Helps conserve our drinking water supply

How to Purchase:

  • Pre-order: (purchase as many as you want!)
  • Pick-up Date: Friday, October 28, 2022 (an email with pick-up details will be sent)
  • Pick-up Location: City of Round Rock Utilities & Transportation – Bob Bennett Building at 3400 Sunrise Rd, Round Rock, TX 78665

Barrel Details:

  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 50 gallons
  • Cost: $77.50 each (retail price $129)
  • City water customers $52.40 (after rebate)

Pre-Order online August 29 – October 16

*Order confirmation and pick-up procedures will be sent via email, so please use an email address that you check frequently.

The barrels are compact enough to fit in most vehicle backseats or cargo space. There is no need to worry about having a truck or trailer (unless you’re purchasing more than two)! Find all the barrel details on the order page.

Rainwater collection equipment, such as pumps, pad material, guttering, and overflow hoses are eligible for rebates, from the City of Round Rock, if you are a direct water customer of the City of Round Rock.

So, there’s a rebate for rain collection… but have you heard about our other rebates?

Better Bathroom Rebate

  • Rebates on WaterSense labeled toilets, showerheads, and faucets.
  • Property must be built before January 2006.
  • Rebate amount is 50% of the new appliance cost.
  • Maximum annual rebate amount is $500 per resident; $800 per commercial property.

Smart Irrigation System Rebates

  • Available to customers with existing, working, irrigation systems, NOT for having one installed.
  • Rebate for a whole irrigation system check-up by a Licensed Irrigator or Licensed Irrigation Company.
  • Rebates for various sensors, controllers, pressure reduction, efficient heads, capping zones, &/or converting to drip.
  • Maximum rebate per year is $500 for residences, $800 for commercial properties.

Flow Sensor Rebate

  • Rebate on the installation of a qualified flow sensor for the purpose of monitoring for water leaks or unusual water use.
  • This can be for irrigation system only, or whole property monitoring.
  • Rebate amount is 50% of device cost, up to $200 for all property types.

Lawn Aeration and Compost Rebate

  • Rebate for having lawn core aerated AND compost applied.
  • Rebate amount is $100 for residential properties, $300 for commercial properties.

Water Efficient Clothes Washer Rebate

Full details and all applications can be found at under the Conservation Rebate section.

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