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The City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of instructional classes for children and adults.  For a full list of programs, class times and convenient online registration visit

Amazing Athletes

At Amazing Athletes, we use sports as a catalyst to meet the needs of the whole child through non-competitive, multi-sports classes designed to advance each child’s individual motor-skills and inspire future participation in physical activity. Our fun, active classes encourage children to explore and develop a variety of athletic skills. Coaches break the fundamentals of each sport-based skill down into simple steps based on each child’s age and ability.  Children learn the importance of patience, teamwork, and self-confidence in a non-competitive, learning-based environment that fosters a love of healthy living.

Amazing Athletes Tots – 2 year olds
Amazing Athletes – 3-5 year olds

Toddler and Youth Instructional Classes

The Clay Madsen Recreation Center offers a variety of instructional classes for toddlers and youth.  Listed below is a summary of toddler and youth instructional classes:


Learn the Olympic sport of archery in this beginner class for ages 8 and up! Xpert Archery will shoot you straight as the skills of modern day archery will be taught through skills drills, active shooting and games. By the end of this basic course, archers will be Xperts at range safety, know their shooting limitations and be able to group all arrows on their target.

Austin Society of Karate

Austin Society of Karate Instructors will teach American Karate with an emphasis on self-defense, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Black uniform required after the first class and can be purchased from instructor or outside source. No refunds on uniform. Optional opportunities for advancement in the program require additional fees for tournaments and belt tests. Ages 5 – 12 years. Instructor: Austin Society of Karate.

Epic Hip Hop

Movin’ and groovin’ to the latest funky beats! Awesome cardio workouts with a new appreciation for physical fitness and fun!  With basic body movements involved in the class, children will gain skill and improve their confidence. Ages 6 – 10 years.


Education through Dance, Motor Development, Gymnastics, and Fitness programs blended with numbers, colors, shapes, words, and songs for children ages 2-12, taught on-site in child care facilities and other viable locations.

Here are the recommended ages for each of the programs.  Contact your student’s dance teacher for more information.

  • Kindertots (Age 2)
  • Kinderdance (Ages 3-5)
  • Kindergym (Ages 3-5)
  • Kinderjam (Ages 3-5)


Lifeguard Training

The City of Round Rock hires 200+ swimming pool personnel each summer season.  The American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course teaches participants how to effectively prevent and respond to water emergencies.  Available for ages 15+. Scholarships are available. **Get Trained for $75 ($140 Savings with a Commitment to Work for City of RR. Contact us to sign up: 512-218-5540 or**


Sportball introduces children to the wonderful world of sports!  Each class focuses on a different sport as coaches teach fundamental techniques and strive to build your child’s physical literacy.  Classes are fun and high energy, and reinforce the benefits of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Analytics Robotics EV3 Mindstorm Programming

Students will work as scientists, engineers, and designers with form and function in mind. With the software and hardware, they create customizable, programmable robots and make them walk, talk, move and do whatever you can imagine with today’s technology. They are provided with all Mindstorm materials from Technics such as gears, beams motors and sensors, Micro-controllers, connectors, and the EV3 analytical programming skills that allow them to engage in competitive missions in small teams of 3 to 4.

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is a national, non-competitive skills program teaching children ages 2-8 the wonderful game of soccer.  The developmentally appropriate curriculum emphasizes creative play, enjoyment of sport and character building lessons.  The energetic and enthusiastic coaches love working with kids of all ages and will ensure your child has a blast learning soccer!  The goal is simple: to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child served.  Soccer Shots programs offered include:

Mini: 2 your old to young 3 year olds
Classic: older 3- 5 year olds
Premier: older 5-8 year olds

Swim Lessons

Clay Madsen Recreation Center offers swim lessons during the Fall & Spring Season.  We proudly use the American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim Program and offers Private Lessons and Group Classes from Level 1 to Level 5.  In addition we offer classes for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and adults.


Clay Madsen Recreation Center offers a variety of tennis programs for ages 3-14.  Tennis programs offered include:

Pee Wee: This tennis class for three and four year olds is a great way for a young child to improve hand-eye coordination, basic motor skills and to see how much fun the game of tennis is to play.  Parent participation is required during the class.

QuickStart I: QuickStart I is a perfect first experience to tennis that’s fun, great exercise and exciting!  This program uses kid-sized equipment: slower-moving and lower-bouncing balls, shorter and lighter racquets, and smaller courts.  For ages 5-7 years.

QuickStart II: Using QuickStart play format, kids keep the ball in play longer, learn faster and have more FUN!  This class is a great introduction to the fun and rewarding world of tennis.  Emphasis is placed on learning basic movement and striking skills, as well as developing motor skills, coordination and confidence.  For ages 8-10 years.

Junior Beginner: During the Junior Beginner Class, fun games and drills will be used to teach basic tennis skills.  The entire court will be utilized to teach proper warm-up techniques, basic strokes, fundamental rules, scoring and tennis etiquette.  For ages 11-14 years.

Junior Development: This class is for those who have shown interest in playing competitive tennis and want to play USTA tennis tournaments or improve their chances of making their school team.  The emphasis of the class will be on technique, with a priority on point building to help the player be more competitive.  For ages 11-16 years.

Adult Tennis: Clay Madsen Recreation Center offers a variety of tennis programs for ages 17 and older.  Tennis programs offered include:

Adult Tennis Clinics: This exciting clinic is for all adult players of all levels with lots of fast paced drills and detailed instruction for players that look for that special edge over their opponent.


Adult Instructional Classes

The Clay Madsen Recreation Center offers a variety of instructional/educational classes for adults as well as fitness and wellness programs.  Listed below is a summary of adult instructional classes.  For specific session information, dates and times and convenient online registration visit


YOGAlegre offers yoga classes that combine the practice of breathing techniques (pranayama), poses (asana) and relaxation/visualization with the use of Spanish phrases and vocabulary. Children ages 3-8 years (plus parent/caregiver) will enjoy a 1 hour class with songs, games, stories and other activities that will make YOGA educational and easy to practice. The environment created by a yoga class promotes the introduction of a new language that kids at this age learn easily.


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