Street Maintenance Program

Street Maintenance

The City of Round Rock manages approximately  1,300 lane miles of roadways within its jurisdiction. The Transportation Department’s street maintenance program aims to preserve and improve the conditions of existing roadways by monitoring the state of its roadways and systematically repairing or repaving the top layers of City streets as needed.

The City prioritizes street maintenance based on the structural pavement condition of our roadways.  Pavement Condition Assessments are performed city wide and ranked on a scale reflecting the pavement’s structural condition.  We then use these assessments to prioritize areas in most urgent need of repair and resurfacing.  Over the past several years, the City has made a concerted effort around neighborhood pavement maintenance.  Varying soil conditions, initial roadway section designs, and preventative maintenance measures all have an impact on the service life of these roadways.  The City continues to look for and experiment with new products and methods that allow us to get the most out of each dollar we spend on roadway maintenance. 

Recently completed Street Maintenance Projects include:

  • 2021 Arterial SMP  
  • 2021 SMP A (HA5) – Forest Creek
  • 2021 SMP B – South Creek and Round Rock West

Current Street Maintenance Projects: 

  • 2022 Arterial SMP 
  • 2022 Downtown SMP

For common questions about Street Maintenance, visit our FAQ page.

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