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Round Rock Transit Development Plan

The City of Round Rock developed the Transit Master Plan in 2015 to provide a blueprint for improving local mobility and regional connectivity through 2025. Since the Plan was adopted, the City’s population and transit ridership have grown significantly and given rise to new transit needs. To help address these emerging needs, the City is now in the process of putting together a Transit Development Plan to make recommendations for updates and additional services to improve the City’s transit system. This new plan will serve as a guide for developing the future of public transportation in the City over the next ten years.

The plan development team is currently analyzing the existing system and meeting with community leaders, service providers and community groups to gather input and information that will help guide recommendations and improvement concepts. The final plan recommendations will include analysis of existing system conditions, options for new or alternate transit services, cost analysis and an implementation plan.

How to Participate

Whether you use the existing transit system already or not, we need your help to better understand the community’s transit needs and preferences. 

Online Survey

Take the 5-minute survey and tell us how you use the existing public transportation system and how we can improve it. If you don’t use the existing system, let us know what you’d like to see improved.

Attend a Public Workshop
The City held two public workshops in September 2021 to share information and collect feedback on existing services and needs. Be sure to visit this page and sign up for email updates to learn when our next public workshop will be held.

View materials from the September public workshops and complete the online survey at through Friday, Oct. 1. 

Anticipated Timeline and Next Steps



Summer 2021Data Collection and System Analysis
Summer 2021Stakeholder Interviews & Small Group Workshops
Sep. 8 & 9Public Workshops 1 & 2
Summer – Fall 2021Data and Public Input Analysis
Winter 2021/2022Public Workshop 3
Spring 2022Anticipated Adoption by City Council


The Transit Development Plan will be presented to the Round Rock City Council for their consideration in the implementation of any short- or long-term improvements to the transit system in Round Rock.

Get Updates

The City of Round Rock is available for in-person or virtual updates to your group. Please reach out to Edna Johnson at 512-671-2869 or to schedule a presentation!

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