**For tree limbs on electrical lines, please contact Oncor at 1-888-313-4747**

Brush Recycling and Pickup | Tree Ordinance

Residents plant trees in one of Round Rock's parks

The Brush Recycling Center remains open during normal business hours. 

FREE Mulch Delivery

Your Parks and Rec Department continues to serve you with FREE mulch delivered to your home. That’s right, we will deliver FREE mulch to your driveway so your family can get outside and get active while placing the mulch in your flower beds, around your trees or anywhere you want. INSTANT FAMILY ACTIVITY! Get YOUR family active and make YOUR YARD the talk of the town.

WE ARE ALMOST OUT OF MULCH! Be one of the first 100 callers to get a FREE delivery this week July 6 – 10! Our last delivery area is Forest Bluff, Forest Ridge, Lake Forest, Forest Grove/Freeman Park, Oak Bluff, Forest Creek. Mulch calls/orders placed from today, July 6, through Wed., July 8, until 4 PM. Delivery on Thurs. July 9 and/or Fri. July 10. These neighborhoods are far away from the center and may go into next week for those on the list. But, only those on the list. If they do not get mulch this week, we will continue into Mon. 13 or till all 100 get delivered. We might run out of mulch few truckloads before 10, but we will try to make it happen regardless for first 100 callers. Call our Resident Service Team at (512) 218-5540 to schedule a mulch delivery to your home. (Residents/ Houses only, not Commercial properties)

We’ll be delivering to your neighborhood soon. Check our social media channels and our website for delivery details. Residents must live inside Round Rock city limits and pay City of Round Rock taxes to get free mulch.

Truckload of mulch will be dumped in your driveway so it needs to be free and clear of obstacles so we can back in and dump in one side of you driveway. We do not dump into street or lawns. We change neighborhoods weekly and do not go back to same neighborhood again once we move on to the next neighborhood. If we can’t drop mulch in your driveway, we will move on and not deliver, Due to high demand, we will not go back again for second attempt with.

Round Rock residents can pick up FREE mulch at the Brush Recycling Center themselves 6 days a week during regular hours.

Neighborhood Schedule: 
Each week will include new neighborhoods. Check back weekly for your neighborhood delivery week.

The Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department-Forestry Division works to improve the City’s landscape and environment. The division helps implement tree ordinances, oversees the City’s brush recycling programs, tree planting in parks and Arbor Day Celebrations.

Brush Pick-up

Pick up service is only provided to Round Rock residents that live inside of Round Rock city limits and pay City of Round Rock taxes. Pick-up requests can be made online. Click here to schedule a pick-up or call 512-218-5540. The Brush Recycling Center Services brochure highlights the brush pickup program and free mulch available.

Free Mulch

Residents, with proof of residency (current City of Round Rock water bill AND driver’s license) may visit the Recycling Center and load up to 2 cubic yards of mulch on their own, for free. Round Rock residents may have the mulch loaded by a BRC team member for $10. ($5 for each additional cubic yard)

Tree plantings and Arbor Day

Forestry organizes tree plantings to beautify and reforest our parks. Arbor Day is our signature planting event where more than 100 trees are planted by 200-plus volunteers and team members. (Check back in Spring 2018)


Most property damage during severe weather is caused by a fallen limb or tree. Here are some tips to follow to avoid storm damage to your trees or property:
  1. Large trees should not be placed under utility wires or too close to buildings or other structures.
  2. Make sure the tree has plenty of room to grow roots to hold it into the soil. Otherwise, it can be very easy for a tree to fall over.
  3. Trees should be pruned to develop a strong form. Young trees should be pruned regularly and routinely every three to five years after planting.
  4. Remove dead trees. Those located on a private property should be removed by a private arborist.
  5. Refrain from “Tree Topping;” this is an unnecessary and dangerous practice. Not only is it easy to hurt or kill your tree, but also when branches do grow back they are not anchored well and can easily break off.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to clear, remove and dispose of any storm generated brush from their property.

Tree Ordinance

The City of Round Rock Tree Ordinance
Other resources include:

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Urban Forestry Division is the management of Round Rock’s urban forest through the use of the best management practices and the communication of such to citizens, employees, and developers of Round Rock, with a focus on education, tree planting, tree preservation, tree care and enforcement.

Forestry Division
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Forestry Manager is Emsud Horozovic