City creates Pre-Approved Products List for development projects

Includes water, wastewater, and drainage products

Development Services staff has created a Pre-Approved Products List for private development projects. These products are used for public and private infrastructure built by developers. For example, prior to this list, a developer would be required to submit for approval the specific details of the type of water pipe that they intended to use. This was required even if the City had routinely accepted this product in the past. This list has the potential to save developers time and resources, as manufacturer’s detailed specifications are no longer required for products on this list. It should also save considerable staff time, as resources will no longer be spent sorting through product specifications. This will allow development projects to reach the construction phase much sooner.

The list will be amended over time to keep up with new products and provide clarifications where necessary. The intent of the list is to reflect the products that the City has routinely accepted for development projects. Additionally, some products may be added to the list at the request of an applicant as long as those products are deemed appropriate by the City department that maintains the infrastructure. Eventually, the intent is to replace this list with a more comprehensive Standard Products List, which is currently being developed by the Utilities and Environmental Services Department. This future list will cover capital improvement projects in addition to development projects.

The city encourages feedback from developers, engineers, and contractors about this new process.

The latest version of the Pre-Approved Products List can be found here: PAPL

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