City of Round Rock launches new online permitting portal

The City of Round Rock will launch a new online development and permitting portal on Monday, May 15.

The new Round Rock Permit Portal will allow residents and businesses to electronically apply for permits and inspections from multiple departments, including Planning and Development Services, Administration and Fire Department. The portal will streamline the application process by offering a comprehensive online experience for the entire review process. Applicants will be able to submit applications and plans digitally, view and receive status updates throughout the process, schedule inspections and pay fees up to $50,000 online.

Previously, the City used a system called TRAKiT, which required customers to submit documents in person for a variety of permit types. Applicants were then directed to a public portal called eTRAKiT to monitor the progress of the permit, access review comments, schedule inspections and more. Activities that used to be performed in person and through eTRAKiT will now exclusively be conducted electronically. Customers who have used eTRAKiT in the last two years have been sent an email with a unique code to access previous permitting information through the new system.

Examples of permit application types available in the new system include:

  • Land Development, Zoning, and Annexation
  • Commercial and Residential Building Permit and Inspection
  • Fire Code Permit and Inspection
  • Easement Requisition
  • Historic Preservation
  • Public Signs
  • License Agreements
  • Transportation Right of Way
  • Special Events
  • Alcohol Beverage Permit

“The new Round Rock Permit Portal is modern, intuitive, highly compatible with mobile devices and creates much more streamlined workflows,” said Geospatial Services Manager Nathan Smith. “The electronic submittal process will save time for our staff, as well as customers and residents who will no longer have to submit a paper application in person, resulting in notable improvement to our development and permitting process.”

To access the new system starting Monday, May 15, visit

Anyone with questions about the system can contact

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