Library project update for April 2018

Latest news about new Library planning

On March 26-28, the PGAL design team met with City of Round Rock Departments to discuss early planning requirements for the project. The City Departments represented by division were: Library Staff, Facility Maintenance, Communications, Information Technology, Neighborhood Communications, Planning and Development, Utilities, Storm Water, Building Inspections, Fire Marshall’s Office, Parks and Recreation, Transportation, and City Management. The PGAL team collected high level requirements that will ultimately shape the design of the new Public Library.

A meeting was held at the Library for the Downtown Neighborhood Association on March 26 from 7 to 9 p.m. General discussions were had with the attendees about pedestrian access, safety, security, and community benefits of the new Library.

This month PGAL concludes the discovery and programming phase of design. With the information collected, the design team will begin conceptual design consisting of site layout and a building floor plan. This next phase of design is titled “Schematic Design” and is expected to last four months. During this time, Schematic Design concepts will be considered that best meet the City’s and Library’s needs.

Click here for more information about the new library project.

Discovery and programming is the first of four phases of design. The complete design process and time associated with the Library project is:

  • Discovery and Programming: 2 months
  • Schematic Design: 4 months
  • Design Development: 4 months
  • Construction Documents: 8 months

The total design duration is 18 months to achieve a permitted, biddable set of construction documents.

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