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In November 2013, a majority of voters approved the use of $23.2 million in bond proceeds to build a new main library, and renovate the existing library or build a new branch library. With additional space, the library will expand its core services to children, teens and adults, as well as technology and more types of meeting spaces and program rooms.

A new 65,000 square-foot Main Library with structured parking, located on the block directly north of the current library site, will replace the existing 43,000 square-foot library at East Main and Sheppard.

Completion date: 2023

Area: 65,000 square feet

This chart shows the process that PGAL, the project architects, will use in designing the new library.


Apr 2019

City Council approves $4.2 million purchase of land for new library purchase of land situated on the block directly north of the current library’s location. The new location is bordered by Austin and Liberty Avenues to the north and south, and Sheppard and Lampasas Streets to the east and west.

Jun 2018

PGAL’s design team has begun conceptual layouts of the new Public Library. With the help of Library staff, they have identified two potential layouts that meet the building needs of the Library, that include a parking garage, and save the monarch oak tree, located on the site. The design team is currently working through the architectural process to take the concepts into Schematic Design.

Mar 2018

PGAL concludes the discovery and programming phase of design. This phase included meetings with every City department and with the Downtown Neighborhood Association. High-level requirements that will ultimately shape the design of the library were collected during these discussions. The design team will now begin conceptual design which will consist of a site layout and a building floorplan. The Schematic Design phase is expected to last four months.

Feb 2018

PGAL begins discovery and programming phase of library design with a project kick-off meeting with library staff. This phase of design is anticipated to last 2 months.

Jan 2018

PGAL is selected as the library project architect. The architectural and engineering services agreement includes a comprehensive needs assessment, program development, design and construction administration.

Oct 2017

The project is still in the initialization phase. Progress has been made in discovering site conditions by performing a geotechnical investigation and environmental survey. The initial architect interview process has been completed. The selection team is preparing to negotiate a contract. The project is still on track to have an architectural agreement negotiated and approved by City Council before January 2018.

Aug 2017

Three architecture firms were interviewed and once the selection process is completed, contract negotiation and City Council approval is expected to last through the end of the year.

Jul 2017

Seventeen architectural firms responded to the request for qualification and the selection process for a design team is in progress.

Jun 2017

June 2017 — Released a public advertisement for Request for Statement of Interests and Qualifications. “The City of Round Rock seeks the services of qualified consultants for professional architectural services and design services related to the following: New Construction of a Multi-Story Public Library.”


2017 Workload Indicators


Workload Indicator



Reference Transactions 87,334
Volunteer Hours 6,945
Community Outreach Contacts 2,592
Circulation 1,188,757
Interlibrary Loans 4,074
Public Access Computer Uses 65,768
Database Uses 19,719
Program Attendance 43,652
Library Visits 389,930

The existing library building presents operational and programming challenges in the areas of: work space, parking, space for materials, storage, space for meetings and programs, and capacity to meet demand for technology.


Consistent with downtown development goals and library usage analysis, the project intends to provide:

• Additional space for collections and multi-media library materials;

• Areas for adult, teen and children’s programming;

• Study and collaboration areas;

• Multi-purpose community meeting rooms;

• Work space for staff and volunteers;

• Additional parking for downtown.


The new site is adjacent to CD Fulkes Middle School, has views of Brushy Creek, is walking distance to Downtown, and will provide access to Heritage Trail West.
New Library


City Management has decided to move other departments into the building after the library moves.


Join the Friends — The Friends of the Round Rock Public Library is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization supporting the Round Rock Public Library provide funding and manpower to enhance Round Rock Public Library services to library users. They build library support among community members through events such as the Summer Reading Program, a monthly November membership program, and the Mystery Night community fundraiser usually held in the Spring. They also raise funds through an ongoing used book sale.

Friends are also our cheerleaders and help spread the word about the new library project. Whether you are a community service organization, a business owner, or a resident of Round Rock who is interested in supporting the development of the new Library, we welcome and encourage your support.

· Link up with us on social media! Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

· Share the information through your neighborhood association or NextDoor.

· Participate in outreach events such as Christmas Family Night, Hometown Halloween, Chalk Walk, and more!

For additional information, please contact Michelle Cervantes, Director, at 512-218-7010 or