Parks and Rec & City Team Members Honored

The Parks and Recreation Department recently honored several City team members who have gone “above and beyond” to serve our Round Rock residents. These exceptional team members have saved lives, won State and National Awards, served our children and adults during the ice storm of 2021, created award-winning City programs, served our residents exceeding expectations and more! The team members were honored at the second annual “RRTX All-American Team” awards ceremony hosted by Rick Atkins, Director of Parks and Recreation. The team enjoyed lunch, awards, and guest speaker Brian Keith Jones, All-American athlete, former NFL athlete and TV and radio personality. 

Honorees include:
Felipe Aleman, Hollis Allen, Michael (Red) Andrews, Santiago Aquino, Ron Ayala, Katie Baker, Cody Blassingame, Rudy Canchola, Michael Chau, Doug Cortinovis, Wade Crimbring, Michael Crowell, Esme Cruz, Bryce Davila, Davetta Edwards, Todd Worlock, Layne Elbers, Oscar Flores, Spencer Foreman, Jose Galvan, Anthony Garcia, Kelly Gaydos, Michael Giedraitis, Shane Glaiser, Chance Goff, Randy Gordon, Rusty Hammer, Roger Heaney, Mary Hemenes, Emsud Horozovic, Kevin Jacquet, Zander Keating, Humberto Leon, Chris Major, Keon Miller, Michael Oates, Emily Orlowski, Anita Ouellette, Victor Recinos, David Robinson, Rolando Rodriguez, Ken Rogers, Jaime Salas, Ricci Strayhorn, Conrad Suarez, Michael 



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