City Council approves Round Rock 2030 plan

After two years of public input, the City’s new comprehensive plan, Round Rock 2030, was officially adopted by City Council on June 25.

Round Rock 2030 will serve as the policy guide and framework for land use decisions for the next decade. The plan will highlight how the City has changed over the past decade and create a vision for what Round Rock might look like in the year 2030. The public input process for the long-range comprehensive plan commenced almost two years ago. Planning and Zoning Commissioners unanimously recommended the City’s new comprehensive plan for adoption on May 20.

LINK: View the adopted Round Rock 2030 Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map (FLUM)

The vision statement for the plan is, “Round Rock is a safe, desirable, family-oriented community that balances progress and prosperity with its history, by prioritizing quality of life, mobility, economic development and thoughtful land use planning.”

The plan also includes 12 policy statements that will guide planning in the future for quality of life, economic development, downtown, commercial centers, neighborhoods, historic preservation, roadway function, mobility, housing, mixed-use development, adapting to change and sustainability. 

Visit to learn more about the plan and input process, or email with any questions. A website with more information about the plan will be finalized in the coming days.

LINK: Learn more about the engagement process for Round Rock 2030




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