Round Rock 2030 – Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive plan to shape Round Rock's future between 2020 and 2030


Update: March 23, 2020

Due to COVID-19, we have postponed the adoption process,  postponing public hearings originally scheduled to commence on April 1 due to gathering restrictions. We have extended the electronic public comment period on the draft plan. 

A draft of Round Rock 2030 and the Future Land Use Map are available for comment. The online comment period has been extended. 
Comments on the draft plan and Future Land Use Map may be made online through Polco.
Email us at if you have any questions.



Draft Plan Release and Open Houses

The City of Round Rock invites you to review the draft of Round Rock 2030, an update to the City’s comprehensive land use plan prior to commencement of the adoption process. The Plan is a policy guide and framework for land use decisions for the next decade. Round Rock 2030 highlights how the City has changed over the past decade and creates a vision for this decade. Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Click the link below to review an online version of the draft.
    A paper copy of the draft is also available for review at the Round Rock Public Library, and the Planning and Development Services Office, 301 W. Bagdad Ave., Suite 210.
  2. Join us at any time during two Open Houses, held March 7 and 10, to give feedback and tell us your vision for Round Rock’s future. The Open Houses are not formal presentations. Rather, the community is invited to arrive, review plan content, interact with staff, and give their input at any time during the event.






Open House Dates

March 7, 2020
Allen R. Baca Center Dining Room
301 W Bagdad Ave, Bldg. 2
Round Rock, TX 78664

March 10, 2020
Rabb House
151 N A.W. Grimes Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78664

The following boards summarize Round Rock 2030 and will be on display at the Open Houses and Office Hours.

A note about Office hours: Office Hours were held on 3/12; however, they have been cancelled for 3/18 and 3/23.  Please email us with questions and comments and submit your on-line plan comments via the link provided above.


What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The City of Round Rock is currently working on its new Comprehensive Plan, Round Rock 2030. Previously known as a “General Plan,” this long-range document will serve as the policy guide and framework for land use decisions for the next decade. The plan will highlight how the City has changed over the past decade and create a vision for what Round Rock might look like in the year 2030. This planning process is expected to take approximately 1.5 years, with adoption in spring 2020.  Learn more: Comprehensive Plan 101.


The Historic Preservation Commission recommended a new Historic Preservation Plan on November 19, 2019. Going forward, the recommended plan will be incorporated into the Round Rock 2030.

Project Timeline

The City of Round Rock is working hard to gather as much public input as possible in order to create a Comprehensive Plan that best serves the communities and businesses within the city. The timeline below shows the current progress and overall trajectory of the Round Rock 2030 process.

Public Engagement

In order for Round Rock 2030 to be successful, it should reflect the needs and wants of our residents and businesses. By participating in Round Rock 2030, you’ll have the chance to influence policy that guides Round Rock’s decisions regarding public facilities, commercial development, housing and more. Find out more about the entire Round Rock 2030 public engagement process.

Questions or comments? Contact the Round Rock 2030 team at