Round Rock 2030 – Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive plan to shape Round Rock's future between 2020 and 2030


Update: April 2019

Round Rock 2030’s online public engagement tool is now live.
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What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The City of Round Rock is currently working on its new Comprehensive Plan, Round Rock 2030. Previously known as a “General Plan,” this long-range document will serve as the policy guide and framework for land use decisions for the next decade. The plan will highlight how the City has changed over the past decade and create a vision for what Round Rock might look like in the year 2030. This planning process is expected to take approximately 1.5 years, with adoption in spring 2020.  Learn more: Comprehensive Plan 101.


Public engagement

In order for Round Rock to be successful, it should reflect the needs and wants of our residents and businesses. By participating in Round Rock 2030, you’ll have the chance to influence policy that guides Round Rock’s decisions regarding public facilities, commercial development, housing and more. 

The City is currently conducting its third round of public input for Round Rock 2030 through the end of May using Polco, an online public engagement tool. The questions are based on input received at the in-person quadrant meetings in February and March. Respondents are encouraged to read the descriptions for each online question to learn more about the topic prior to responding. Respondents are also encouraged to leave comments on each question after answering to provide staff more feedback. Participate now at

Quadrant Meetings

Over the course of February and March 2019, four public meetings were held in which people from each quadrant of the city were able to share their visions for what Round Rock will be like in 2030. The reports below contain feedback received through activities conducted at each meeting. 

Quadrant Map


Exercise Board Activity
An exercise board activity was conducted at the quadrant meetings. Attendees were given four prompts (Today, Round Rock is…; Tomorrow, Round Rock will be…; What do you like about your quadrant?; and What would make your quadrant better? Describe your idea and its benefits). They were instructed to record their responses to each prompt on a sticker and place it on the corresponding board. They were also given small dots to place on other responses they agreed with.

Exercise board responses (pdf)

Policy Discussion
At the quadrant meetings, attendees were given a list of 10 draft policies for the next decade that they could edit, comment on, and prioritize. They were also given the opportunity to create their own. These serve as a starting point for land use policies the city of Round Rock is developing for the comprehensive plan. There will be more opportunities for public input before the plan is drafted.

Policy discussion responses (pdf)

Missed the quadrant meetings?
Each of the activities conducted at the quadrant meetings are included in the links below:

Topic display boards (pdf)
Meeting presentation slides (pdf)
Exercise boards (pdf)
Policy discussion worksheet (pdf) 
Polling questions (pdf)

Project Timeline

The City of Round Rock is working hard to gather as much public input as possible in order to create a Comprehensive Plan that best serves the communities and businesses within the city. The timeline below shows the current progress and overall trajectory of the Round Rock 2030 process.

Questions or comments? Contact the Round Rock 2030 team at

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