Residents provide input at Round Rock 2030 meetings

Results to be presented at April 25 City Council meeting

The City of Round Rock recently hosted a series of public meetings to gather public input for the Round Rock 2030 Comprehensive Plan and will present the input gathered to the City Council on April 25.

The public meetings, known as “quadrant meetings,” were well attended with approximately 300 people attending meetings held in February and March 2019.

At each meeting, attendees were shown an introductory “What is a comprehensive plan?” presentation and video before participating in a series of three input exercises. The first exercise was comprised of a series of open-ended questions, in which attendees wrote their answers on stickers and placed them on boards. Some of the questions were specific to the quadrant of the City where they live. Participants then had the opportunity to place dots to show support for other people’s answers. The second exercise was focused on getting the public involved in the policymaking process. Attendees were given a list of ten draft planning policies for the next decade that they could edit, comment on, and prioritize. They were also given the opportunity to propose new policies. The third exercise was a live polling exercise in which attendees answered questions and could immediately see how others in the audience answered.

Common themes from the input provided included the following:

  • Attendees were interested in a variety of housing types, including large-lot single family, mixed-use, senior housing, and smaller affordable units
  • Most attendees indicated they would like to see mixed-use, pedestrian friendly developments.
  • A majority of attendees said alternative modes of transportation (besides cars) are important or very important.
  • Attendees expressed interest in new options for arts and culture, as well as more parks, trails, and open space.

The results of the quadrant meetings will be presented at the April 25 Round Rock City Council meeting. Council meetings are cablecast on Spectrum cable channel 10 and Uverse channel 99. The meeting will also be made available for streaming on Round Rock Replay. The results are posted online at

City Council Meeting
Thursday April 25, 6 p.m.
City Hall, 221 E. Main St.
Round Rock, Texas 78664

The responses, in addition to responses to the five land use questions from the City’s 2018 biennial survey, will serve as a baseline for public input as the City of Round Rock drafts its 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The Plan will provide a framework for “what goes where” for development over the next 10 years. The next phase of public input will feature opportunities for online participation where planners will ask a series of follow-up questions for clarification and to expand on input the City has already received.

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