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Featured Program: Take Me Home

Take Me Home allows for the safe return home of anyone who may not be able to communicate vital information to law enforcement officers or first responders. This kind of assistance may be required if the person is unable to speak or properly identify themselves, or if the individual becomes disoriented or acts in a manner that could be misinterpreted by first responders. When an individual registers in the Take Me Home system, his/her record includes a current digital picture, physical description, demographic information, and caregiver contacts. This information is stored in a database that only dispatchers or officers in patrol cars can access. If a patrol officer encounters a person in the Take Me Home program, the officer can query the Take Me Home system by searching a name or physical description. Once the individual’s Take Me Home record has been located, the officer has the information to assist the person appropriately. The system also works in reverse; if a loved one is missing, his/her picture and description are immediately available. There is no charge for using the program. There does need to be a commitment by those using the program to keep information in the database current. Take Me Home is voluntary. Information is kept confidential and only accessed by RRPD Communications and RRPD officers. The program was initially developed by the Pensacola Police Department in Florida.

To participate in Take Me Home, fill out this form (English/Español)and sent it to or to the Round Rock Police Department at 2701 N. Mays Street, Round Rock, TX 78665.

The Junior Police Academy (JPA) is a nationwide program with a 20-year history of emphasizing community responsibility among young citizens and public servants. During the summer months, the Round Rock Police Department hosts free, week-long camps to strengthen the connection between law enforcement and local youth by giving them a chance to see what it is like to be a police officer.

Modeled after the law enforcement police academy, the camp features physical training including an obstacle course, marching, and repelling. Students also view the inside of patrol and SWAT vehicles, K-9 units, and a police helicopter. The camp’s curriculum includes traffic safety, criminal investigations, alcohol and drug prevention/education, and self-defense. Campers also take local field trips.

For more info, visit

The Round Rock Police Explorer Program introduces young men and women, age 14-20, to the police profession and acquaints them with the nature and complexity of law enforcement. The program encourages them to seek careers in law enforcement, while giving them a solid foundation upon which to build. The program also provides a prospective employer with an evaluation for each Explorer who seeks employment as a police officer. A well-managed Law Enforcement Explorer Post can have a positive influence on the department and the community through demonstration of many valuable contributions offered by Explorers. The Explorer program provides law enforcement an opportunity to invest in its own future through constructive relationships with young adults considering a criminal justice career.

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The Citizens Police Academy (CPA) is a free 12-week program that gives community members a glimpse of the realities of life as a police officer at the Round Rock Police Department. The Citizens Police Academy is an example of the successes borne of the partnership between law enforcement and the community. The Round Rock Police Department offers the Citizens Police Academy for residents of all backgrounds and occupations as one of its many continued efforts to develop citizen awareness and understanding of the role of law enforcement.

The next class is scheduled to meet Tuesdays from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. beginning Feb. 27, 2024 in the Round Rock Police Department’s Main Training Room (2701 N Mays St).

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Let us be your front porch. The Holiday season brings gifts. With gifts come the possibility of package theft. Ensure secure delivery of your packages by shipping them to the Round Rock Police Department. You can then pick them up from the PD and have one less thing to worry about.

There is no charge for this service. For more info, visit

Round Rock Operation Blue Santa is a non-profit organization established in 1978 by the volunteers and employees of the Round Rock Police, Fire, and Parks and Recreation Departments. In the first year of the program, Operation Blue Santa served fewer than 20 families by delivering toys and food to families in need during the holiday season. Since then, the program has grown to serve more than 1,600 individuals annually! Operation Blue Santa is supported entirely by the community in the form of donations. Through Blue Santa, we see many lives changed for the better and celebrate the magic of the holiday season. Round Rock Operation Blue Santa accepts new unwrapped toys and wrapping paper. Donations are welcome year-round

For more information, visit If you have any questions, call 512-844-8273 or email

Got a home security camera? Help us fight crime in our neighborhoods by signing up for this program. If you have a security camera at your home, you can register it with us. That way, we know who to contact for potential video evidence when a crime occurs. It really speeds up the process of finding who might have footage, which can help solve cases. This can be particularly helpful when investigating vehicle burglaries in your neighborhoods. This program does not give us access to your camera. It merely gives us information that you have a camera and you’re willing to help when needed. For more info:


Since 2015, the Police Department public parking area and lobby have been designated as Safety Exchange Zones. The lobby is open to the public during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the parking lot is open 24/7. Those who prefer a location away from their homes to exchange goods purchased online or by classifieds can make arrangements to meet at 2701 N. Mays St.

The effort is being offered to help deter fraudulent transactions and assist in maintaining privacy of residents. Safety Exchange Zones are well lit and under video surveillance at all times.

These locations can also be used for custodial exchanges. The Department is not responsible for the validity of transactions, and will not be involved nor oversee, the business conducted amongst participating parties. For more information on the Safety Exchange Zone call 512-218-5500.

During the Holiday season, the Safety Exchange Zone – paired with Operation Front Porch – will help ensure safe delivery of all gifts.

The Lock Box Program provides a coded key-box on the exterior of members’ homes. Citizens eligible for this service include the elderly and those who have handicaps or limited mobility. When the police department receives an emergency call from a residence with a lock box, the dispatcher relays the lock box code and other pertinent information to an emergency responder who can gain entry to the home without causing the damage and expense associated with forced entry. There is no charge for using this program. We welcome donations year-round in the form of monetary donations or lock boxes.

To register for the program, please complete this application (Word/PDF). For more information, please contact Volunteer Coordinator by email or by phone at 512-218-5520.

Wide angle door viewers (peep holes) are available to Round Rock citizens.  These door scopes are ideal for the elderly and mobility/visually impaired individuals. From 7 feet away from the door, individuals inside the home have a 180-degree, color view outside the door, removing the difficulties of small viewing holes and peep hole and person height variations. Like most peep holes, ours can only be viewed from inside the home.

There is no charge for using this program.  We welcome donations year-round in the form of monetary donations or door scopes.

To register for the program, please complete this application (Word/PDF). For more information, please contact Volunteer Coordinator by email or by phone at 512-218-5500.

Through this program, a team of RRPD volunteers makes daily wellness calls to Round Rock seniors who are members of the program. This service is particularly helpful for homebound seniors or those without family living in the area. 

There is no charge for using this program. To register for the program, please complete this form (Word/PDF). For more information – including how to become a volunteer caller for the program, please contact Volunteer Coordinator by email or by phone at 512-218-5520.

In 2015, the Round Rock Police Department, with the Animal Control Unit, introduced a community-based initiative called B.A.R.K., Be Aware of Residential K9’s. The BARK Alert Program is designed to assist with improved measures in officer safety, and empower citizens with an additional tool that alerts emergency service personnel of their household pets when responding to calls for service. The new initiative works as a deterrent for potential burglaries and helps to protect pets.

Through the BARK Program, the Department issues residents a BARK Alert sticker to display on main entry points of their homes such as; doors, gates, and windows. The use of the alert sticker is encouraged for households that have all types of residential pets. The notice can be removed and reattached if needed.

Round Rock Police continues to take action to improve encounters with dogs in the field. Our Sworn personnel received over 700 total training hours in dealing with aggressive animals. The Department has issued and trained officers with animal catch poles, which is a tool that allows officers to humanely restrain an aggressive animal. The BARK Alert sticker is another tool created for residents, to help improve officer awareness of the dogs they may encounter while responding on scene.

The BARK Alert sticker is available to the public at the Police Department lobby, during pet vaccination clinics conducted by local veterinarians and Round Rock Animal Control, community events, and from any Animal Control Officer. For more information about the BARK Program call 512-218-5500.


RRPD provides weekly Park & Trail Patrols on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings and evenings at Old Settlers Park and on the Brushy Creek Trails. This service is staffed by RRPD volunteers who patrol the trails using an authorized and marked ROV (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle). They provide additional sets of eyes and ears on our trail system, and we encourage park-goers and trail walkers to say hello!

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