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Hold Off on Sprinklers!

Round Rock and many parts of Central Texas have received several inches of rain in the months of May and June. Make sure to take advantage of all this rain either by keeping those sprinkler systems off or by collecting rainwater!

There is no need for additional water while we are still receiving rain and cool temperatures. In fact, too much water can hurt your landscape and grass rather than benefit it. Watering too soon before or after a rain event can drown roots and deplete the soil of oxygen. Too much water can cause a fungus infection and draws in more insects like pesty mosquitos. It also will not help your landscape become drought tolerant either! Rain plus extra irrigation keeps plants dependent on heavy amounts of water which means they will not grow their roots deeper to find water. Come summertime, your grass will not be used to only irrigation and zero rainfall.

There are several ways to make sure you do not water your landscape while we have plenty of rain. You can simply keep your sprinkler system turned off and wait until there is no rain for a few weeks and when temperatures increase before you turn it back on. You should also have a rain sensor installed at your property in case you forget to turn off your system. Rain sensors work by sending a signal to the sprinkler system and shuts it off when rain is present. However, rain sensors do not predict if rain is coming so you will need to keep an eye on the weather to make sure you do not water before a storm.

On the other hand, there are several weather-based controllers that use nearby weather stations and adjust your schedule according to the weather and other environmental factors. Rain sensors and weather based controllers are proven to save water so we encourage our water customers to use them by incentivizing with rebates!

Round Rock Conservation Rebate Program

You can also take advantage of all the rain that falls onto your property by collecting it. This water can be used in the future when rain amounts start to diminish and temperatures increase. Rainwater has several benefits! For starters, rain is free and will save you money by not using treated clean tap water for outdoor use. Rainwater also provides nutrients to plants and acts like a natural fertilizer. It has nitrogen, organic matter and is free of salts and minerals which is easier on plants.

Not only is rainwater a great source of nutrients for plants, but it is also super easy to collect too! You would be surprised how fast a 50 gallon tank fills up – sometimes with just one day of rain. This water can sustain a collection of potted plants for months! In fact, we know a of a family who has two large 1000 gallon tanks that are used to water their vegetable garden all year long. There are several possibilities and options when it comes to rainwater harvesting that fit everyone’s needs and desires. Even though we are not hosting a rain barrel sale at the moment, it is still a great time to purchase one and receive a rebate! We promote rainwater harvesting to help save way and for the environmental benefits they provide plants.

Make sure to check out our water conservation rebate page for information on local rebate opportunities on rain sensors, weather based controllers, rainwater harvesting systems and more:

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