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The Building Inspections division provides for the health and safety of the community through the development and enforcement of the City’s Building Code, the Code of Ordinances and other related codes. Our team, which boasts 158 years of combined construction experience, is dedicated to professional excellence and customer satisfaction. 

Inspection Services

Mark Remmert
Chief Building Official

Inspection Services

When do I need a building permit?

City of Round Rock building permits are required for work within the city limits and in the Chandler Creek and Vista Oaks Municipal Utility Districts. Any owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, erect, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, install, replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, plumbing or change the occupancy of a building or structure, requires a permit. Still not sure whether your project requires a building permit? Contact our Building Permit Techs at 512-218-5550 or


Inspection Services Division Office

Mark Remmert, Chief Building Official 512-218-5550
Gary Lawrence, Asst. Building Official 512-845-5946

Intake Staff:  512-218-5550
Isabella Morales 512-218-5551
Jennifer Esparza 512-671-2889

Building Plan Examiners:
Commercial: Alice Guajardo 512-671-2763
Residential: Jorge Scott 512-218-5550

Commercial Inspectors:
Joey Swofford, Chief Commercial Inspector 512-845-4494
Bryan Fails 512-845-6249
Amos Harrison 512-639-0218 
Jimmy Spencer 512-470-9507

Residential Inspectors:
James Shine, Chief Residential Inspector 512-470-9543
Ferdinand Abadiano 512-568-7829
Joshua Gonzales 512-639-3050 
Paul Moran 512-688-9024
Alex Rodriguez 512-639-3005 
Brett Russel 512-987-6037 

Civil Inspectors
Matt Krueger, Chief Civil Inspector 512-748-9092
Chris Cervenka 512-639-6760
Mike Dekeyrel 512-673-8704   
George Grondin 512-639-9497
Lane Imken 512-647-0807   
Santos Ruiz 512-417-1417   

All contractors and sub-contractors must register with the City before a permit may be issued.
Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical contractors must be licensed with the State of Texas.

Codes are available through the International Code Council (

The Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD) also must review plans for any projects involving food service (including restaurants, bars, food trucks, convenience stores, day care facilities, etc.). The food establishment permit application and food establishment plan review application forms are posted on the WCCHD website with application instructions.

Certificates of Appropriateness are Required Prior to Issuance of a Building Permit.

Properties required to undergo historic review are identified with Historic Overlay Zoning. Alterations to all structures or sites with Historic Overlay Zoning require a Certificate of Appropriateness prior to the issuance of a building permit. Historic review applies to all structures on a site, including fences and accessory structures.

Preservation staff are available to discuss projects on all historic-age properties (even those without historic overlay zoning) and can provide technical references that are available to help avoid damage. Contact the Planning and Development Services desk at 512-218-5428 to discuss alterations to a historic property and/or the Certificate of Appropriateness process.

Gas (ATMOS) : 1-888-460-3030

Electricity (ONCOR): 1-866-797-4839

Water Utility Billing (CORR): 512-218-5460



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Inspection Services Staff Contacts

Building Officials
Mark Remmert
Chief Building Official

Gary Lawrence
Asst. Building Official

Intake Staff

Jennifer Esparza

Isabella Morales

Plan Review Commercial
Alice Guajardo

Plan Review Residential
Jorge Scott

Commercial Inspectors
Doug Day

Bryan Fails

James Shine

Jimmy Spencer

Joey Swofford
Chief Commercial Inspector

Residential Inspectors
Ferdinand Abadiano

Tim Minier
Chief Residential Inspector

Paul Moran

Alex Rodriguez

Marc Schmidt

Civil Inspectors
Chris Cervenka

George Grondin

Matt Krueger
Chief Civil Inspector

Michael Rockett