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Historic property zoning 

At the December 5, 2018 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting there will be a public hearing regarding a rezoning application to add H (Historic Overlay) zoning to 704 E. Main Street. The part of the lot to be rezoned is the new location of the servant’s cottage that was relocated from 405 E. Main Street. The HPC recommended the rezoning as a condition of the Certificate of Appropriateness to relocate the cottage, since it had H (Historic Overlay) zoning at its original location.

H (Historic Overlay) zoning is how Round Rock designates historic landmarks, and does not affect how the property may be used. Land use is determined by the property’s base zoning, and overlay zoning districts apply additional requirements. The H (Historic Overlay) zone requires the owner to have any changes to the property approved by the HPC before a building permit can be issued, and makes the property eligible for a partial property tax exemption if specific maintenance criteria are satisfied.

Help select 2019’s Local Legends

The Historic Preservation Commission is seeking volunteers to help select the 2019 Local Legends. Members of the Committee will engage in outreach efforts to encourage nominations during February – June, and will select the Legend(s) in July-August. Applications to serve on the Selection Committee are due January 4, 2019. Please refer to the Local Legends page for Selection Committee application form and instructions.

Stagecoach Inn relocation celebration

On Saturday, November 3rd, Round Rock Preservation and the City of Round Rock celebrated the completion of the relocation phase of the Stagecoach Inn Project.  The Williamson Museum on the Chisholm Trail hosted the event.  Several people spoke about the project, including the Mayor, the project architect, a number of former residents of the inn, and several descendants of John and Susie Harris, who built the inn beginning in 1848. The event included the unveiling of a relocation project video produced by the City of Round Rock, and photos at the Inn.



Historic Preservation in Round Rock

The St. Charles Hotel (built ca. 1870)

The St. Charles Hotel (built ca. 1870) is now Williamson Museum on the Chisholm Trail

The City of Round Rock was founded in the 1840s where the Chisholm Trail crosses Brushy Creek, at the area now known as “Old Town.” In 1876, many of the businesses and residents moved to the current downtown area (“New Town”) when the railroad extended its tracks there. Since then, the City has grown steadily.

As it grows, the City of Round Rock works with owners of older and historic properties to encourage maintenance and upkeep, as well as retention of the historic character of buildings, structures, sites, and districts.  The Department of Planning and Development Services (PDS) manages the City’s historic preservation programs. These include:

  • Advising property owners who want to renovate historic buildings and approving their proposed changes
  • City-wide preservation planning
  • Maintaining an inventory of historic properties
  • Designating local landmarks and historic districts
  • Managing a property tax exemption program available to historic property owners
  • Educating the public about Round Rock’s history and the City’s preservation programs


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