Aquatic Programs at Clay Madsen

Indoor Pool at the Clay Madsen Recreation Center:

Clay Madsen Recreation Center values health and exercise and provides a variety of Group Aqua Exercise to our members. Non-members must pay the day pass rate of $5. Class participation is limited based on space and equipment. Pool Schedules are available at or visit the CMRC front desk for the most current group exercise and monthly pool calendars. All scheduled programs will end 10 minutes before the next scheduled program begins. The pool closes 30 minutes before the rest of CMRC closes. Proper swim attire must be worn at all times.

CMRC Pool Schedule October thru Spring 2018


Lap Swim: All lanes will be available for continuous lap swimming, lap jogging or lap walking during scheduled Lap Swim hours. One lane will be available during all Water Aerobic Classes. Three lanes will be available during Open Water scheduled hours. During scheduled programs and peak times, there will be limited lanes available. Be prepared to share a lane. For ages 12 years and over.

Open Water: During this time, three lanes will be available for self-paced individual water exercise and recreation swim for all ages. Three lanes will be available for lap swimming. Children age 12 and under need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Spring Aqua X Pool Schedule

CMRC Members: Group AX Classes are included in your CMRC membership. All participants must pick up a participant silicone band at the CMRC front desk prior to attending class. Participants are accepted on a first come first serve basis and each class will be considered full once capacity has been reached.

All classes have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 30 unless otherwise stated. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Group Aqua Exercise Class Guidelines

All participants must be 16 years and over. 14 and 15 year olds may attend classes if parent/guardian is present in the class with them.

Non-Member participants must complete the Day Pass policy and waiver and waiver and pay the day pass fee.

All participants will be issued a silicone CMRC Group Aqua Exercise band to be worn on the wrist throughout the class time. This band shows the class instructors that the participant has followed CMRC procedure and is able to participate in the class. The bands that are available for distribution are predetermined by class capacity. Once all bands are distributed, class enrollment will be closed. There MUST be a minimum of 4 participants in class or that class will be cancelled for the day.

Participants are not allowed to enter the water until instructed by the class instructor. Open water space is not available to be utilized during Group Aqua class time.

The class instructor is required to collect the silicone bands at the end of the class session and before participants leave the pool are. The instructor will direct participants to exit pool at the end of their class. Those who have a membership and wish to stay in the water must move into an available lane line. Those waiting for spot roster validation may wait on the pool deck.

Birthday Pool Parties

If you have a birthday in the middle of the winter season but want a pool party…. don’t worry. The indoor pool at the Clay Madsen Recreation Center is available for a splashing party anytime of the year. Party rental fee includes use of a 24’*19′ room for 1 1/2 hours and use of the pool from noon – 3 pm on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

For more information call 512-218-3220.