Special Events and Road Closures

City Ordinances require permits to conduct special events, filming, parades and block parties.  The required information can be found under Administration.

Street Cut and Right-of-Way Permits

City Ordinances require a permit when any work occurs in City owned or otherwise controlled property, i.e. easements, rights-of-way. To obtain a permit to work in City owned/controlled property the required application form, drawings, insurance and/or bond, and permit fee must be submitted to the City of Round Rock. The required documentation and fee may be submitted in person to the Transportation Department at 3400 Sunrise Road, Round Rock, TX 78665. Please note that we do not accept payment at the time of permit submittal and will only accept it after it has been reviewed and approved by our Chief Construction Inspector (which may not be same-day) – for that reason we recommend submitting the required documentation electronically to Eddie Imken and Cc’ing Jorae Rosenthal, whom will contact you when your permit is approved and ready for payment.

For any additional information regarding permits not listed please contact Eddie Imken; (512) 218-3241.

As Built

For any information regarding as builts please contact Jimmy Vrabel; (512) 218-6604.


Street Cutting Regulations, Chapter 44, Article III
Public Rights-of-Way Management, Chapter 44, Article IX
Small Cell – Network Nodes & Node Support Poles


ROW Plan Submittal Guidelines

Permit Applications

Street Cut Permit
Right-of-Way Permit
Small Cell Node Permit Form

Other Forms