Transportation and Economic Development Corporation (Type B)

About the Round Rock Transportation and Economic Development Corporation (Type B)

The Round Rock Transportation and Economic Development Corporation is authorized by Chapter 505 of the Local Government Code. The Type B Corporation is a seven-member board that promotes economic development in the City of Round Rock through transportation projects and other projects as allowed by state law. One-half cent of City sales tax goes directly to the Type B Corporation to fund economic development projects in the City.


The Transportation and Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors meet on the fourth Thursday of every month at 5:00 PM before City Council meeting.   Upcoming meetings are posted on the city calendar at least 72 hours in advance. For more information, contact Sara White, City Clerk at 512-218-5404.

Agendas, Minutes and Video are posted at Round Rock Replay
(click the “archives” tab for meetings prior to February 2013)


The seven members of the Board of Directors serve two-year staggered terms and are appointed by the City Council. Members must be eligible voters and have been residents of Round Rock for at least twelve months. Three of the directors must not be City employees, officers of the City or a member of the City Council.

The President, Vice-President, and Secretary of the board are appointed by the Mayor from among the board members and approved by the City Council. Each serves a term of one year.

Contact Members

Contact members of the Round Rock Transportation and Economic Development Corporation through Sara White, City Clerk at 512-218-5404.  Please send correspondence in care of the City Clerk’s Office, 221 E. Main Street, Round Rock, Texas 78664.

Term Expirations

Name Position End of Term
Amanda Swor Boardmember 8/31/22
Craig Morgan President 8/31/23
John Honning Boardmember 8/31/23
Rick Villarreal Secretary 8/31/22
Ryan Therrell Vice President 8/31/22
Tom Black Boardmember 8/31/23
Writ Baese Boardmember 8/31/23
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