Special Events Permits

City ordinance requires permits to conduct special events, filming, parades and block parties. Read the descriptions below to help you determine the kind of permit you may need.

The application fee for special events, parades and filming is $50 to $75. The fee for block parties is $25.

A permit will be issued if the City Manager is satisfied that the event:

  • Won’t substantially interrupt the safe and orderly movement of traffic
  • Won’t require the diversion of so many police officers and/or fire fighters that it unduly interferes with normal services
  • Won’t interfere with the fire or EMS service
  • Is unlikely to cause injuries or property damage
  • Will provide adequate sanitation and other required health facilities made in or adjacent to any public assembly areas
  • Provides for sufficient parking places at the site to accommodate the number of vehicles reasonably expected to be parked or the Applicant has made adequate arrangements for off-site parking and transfer of attendees.

Special Event Permit


Street fairs, arts and crafts shows, rallies, public entertainments, festivals and races

  • Primarily outdoors
  • Interfere with normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Require special City services, such as street closure, barricades; refuse services,
    stages, special parking, electrical services or police services or protection.


  • An event wholly contained on property specifically designed or suited for the event
    and which holds a certificate of occupancy for such use – including adequate parking;
  • Funeral processions.

Fee: $75

Filming Permit


Commercials, episodic television, feature films

Prior to filing an application for film industry permit in Round Rock, the Office of the City Manager must be contacted to discuss the production’s specific filming requirements and the feasibility of filming in Round Rock, Texas.

Reimbursement for use of City of property is required.

Fee: $50

Block Party Permit

A gathering, such as a barbeque or picnic, requiring the closure of a residential street.

Block Parties may only be held between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

A Street Closure Permit will only be issued for six (6) hours. A Street Closure Permit for a Block Party may be denied if – in the City’s opinion – closing the street would be too disruptive or would leave residents unable to leave or return to their homes (such as on a dead end street). Major thoroughfares are unlikely to be allowed to close.

Fee: $25

Parade Permit

Any assembly, march, demonstration, procession or motorcade upon public streets within the City consisting of three (3) or more persons, animals or vehicles (or any combination thereof) with an intent of attracting public attention that interferes with or has a tendency to interfere with the normal flow or regulation of traffic upon public streets.


  • Funeral processions;
  • Students going to and from school classes or participating in educational activities, provided such conduct is under the immediate direction and supervision of the proper school authorities, and doesn’t interfere with normal traffic; and
    A government agency acting within the scope of its function.

Fee: $50

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