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The following summary data is from the government-wide Statement of Activities in the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Annual Report).  The government-wide Statement of Activities reports the results of the City’s operations on an accrual basis of accounting.  Revenues are recognized when earned and expenses are recognized at the time the liability is incurred.





  Governmental Activities   Business-Type Activities   Total   * Per Capita
Program Revenues:              
  Charges for services       $     10,997,841   $     63,495,507   $     74,493,348   $     631.17
  Operating grants and contributions 3,742,160     3,742,160   31.71
  Capital grants and contributions 9,464,089   18,443,560   27,907,649   236.46
General revenues:              
Property taxes
64,744,623     64,744,623   548.57
Franchise taxes
7,060,026     7,060,026   59.82
Sales taxes
78,361,955     78,361,955   663.95
Hotel occupancy taxes
4,111,858     4,111,858   34.84
Public service taxes
620,996     620,996   5.26
Unrestricted investment earnings and other
9,081,735   4,010,588   13,092,323   110.93
Total revenues 188,185,283   85,949,655   274,134,938   2,322.71
General Government 27,467,722     27,467,722   232.73
Public Safety 64,151,715     64,151,715   543.55
Public Works 38,606,348     38,606,348   327.11
Culture and Recreation 26,355,801     26,355,801   223.31
Interest on long-term debt 9,382,120     9,382,120   79.49
Water and sewer utility   53,999,588   53,999,588   457.53
Golf course   2,818,489   2,818,489   23.88
Total expenses 165,963,706   56,818,077   222,781,783   1,887.60
Increase (decrease) in              
  net position before transfers 22,221,577   29,131,578   51,353,155   435.11
Transfers 4,058,250   (4,058,250)    
Increase (decrease) in net position $     26,279,827   $     25,073,328   $     51,353,155     $     435.11


* The per capita figures are based on the City’s 2020 estimated population of:          118,024
* Source:  City of Round Rock Planning Department.

Other information:  Fiscal Year 2021 Budgeted full-time equivalent positions:            1,019.45


A budget serves as the financial plan for the City.  Each year, the City develops a budget document which identifies spending plans and revenue estimates for City services. For a searchable database of FY 2019, click here.

Check Registers

A check register is a listing of all payments incurred by the City.  The check register includes payment date, payment amount, payee, and type of expenditure.  Data in the check register is not updated after it is posted.  The register excludes any information that might reveal protected privacy information.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Annual Report)

This report provides a quantitative look at the operating success, financial health, and compliance of the government reporting units.  It includes a Statement of Net Position, Statement of Activities, Balance Sheet, a Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balances, and a comparison of budgeted to actual expenses and revenues.

Lobbying Contract (PDF)

Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR)

The PAFR is intended to provide information about the City of Round Rock in a quick and easy to read format.  It is an informational tool which refers to the budget document and Annual Report information but on a much more informal basis.

Quarterly Investment Reports & Policy

The quarterly investment reports provide information and analysis on City investments in accordance with the Texas Public Funds Investment Act.

Round Rock by the Numbers

This quarterly report reflects certain areas within the City that show Sales Tax numbers, Hotel Occupancy Rates, Utility Revenues, etc.

Unclaimed Property Listing

The City of Round Rock is currently holding property that is presumed abandoned or unclaimed subject to Chapter 76 of the Texas Property Code.  Any person possessing a legal or beneficial interest in the reported property may obtain claim forms on the website.  A completed claim form in addition to the specified proof of ownership will be necessary to establish the owner’s right to receive the property.

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