Design and Construction Standards

All construction activities in the City of Round Rock are required to meet the Design and Construction Standards (DACS), the updated version was adopted by City Council on January 28, 2021. An archived copy is on file as a reference for developments prior to January 2021.

Each of the links below will give you the required information. 

Any construction in the State of Texas Rights-of-Way must also meet the requirements in the City of Round Rock Access Management Plan for State Highways, the Special Requirements, and the State of Texas Right-of-Way Permit Form must be submitted.

DACS General Guidelines


Transportation Specifications
Section 1 Street Design Criteria
Section 2 Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
Section 3 Pavement Design
Section 4 Sidewalks, Curb Ramps and Bicycle Facilities
Section 5 Driveway Design and Access Management
Section 6 Traffic Engineering
Section 7 Structures in the Right of Way and in Easements
Section 8 Bus Stops
Section 9 Plan Preparation

ROUND ROCK RAIn (Rainfall data guidance)