Design and Construction Standards

All construction activities in the City of Round Rock are required to meet the Design and Construction Standards (DACS), adopted by the City.  Each of the links below will give you the required information. 

Any construction in the State of Texas Rights-of-Way must also meet the requirements in the City of Round Rock Access Management Plan for State Highways, the Special Requirements, and the State of Texas Right-of-Way Permit Form must be submitted.

NOTE:  A draft update of Transportation Specifications was released on June 15, 2018, for review and comments. This draft has since been updated to reflect the below changes as of November 16, 2020:

  • Section 0 – Updated to correct an incorrect reference to another section
  • Section 2 – Updated to reflect changes due to Roadway Impact Fee Implementation
  • Section 3 – Updated to reflect conversations and comments from the public and ACEA.
  • Section 9 – updated to include language regarding electronic submittal of record drawings to be consistent with Utilities
  • All Table of Contents sections have been updated to reflect both the chapter & page number.

The comment period on these has closed as of Friday, Aug. 31, 2018 – however any questions concerning these can be sent to Brian Kuhn, P.E., Assistant Director of Transportation, at 512-218-6694 or via email.

DACS General Guidelines

Standard Specifications
Series 100 Earthwork
Series 200 Sub-grade and Base Construction
Series 300 Street Surface
Series 400 Concrete Structures and Miscellaneous Concrete
Series 500 Underground Piped Utilities
Series 600 Environmental Enhancement
Series 700 Incidental Construction
Series 800 Urban Transportation
Series 1800 Private Development

Transportation Specifications
Section 1 Street Design Criteria
Section 2 Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
Section 3 Pavement Design
Section 4 Sidewalks and Curb Ramps
Section 5 Driveway Definitions
Section 6 Clear Zones and Guard Fences
Section 7 Bikeways
Section 8 Traffic Control
Section 9 Parking Lot Layouts
Section 10 Structures in the Right of Way and in Easements

ROUND ROCK RAIn (Rainfall data guidance)