City Council approves Sign Code Amendments

On July 14, 2022, the City Council approved proposed amendments to the sign ordinance. The approved code amendments addressed edits for consistency and clarification, past reasonable requests by applicants that could not be accommodated by the previous sign code, and changes in sign technology and materials that have occurred during the past 9 years. In conjunction with amendments, new definitions were added.

The purpose of the sign code is to provide standards for the appropriate design, scale, and placement of signs. The code regulates permanent signs, building signs, freestanding signs, and temporary signs. The standards for the allowable display area are based three road types: freeways, commercial roads, and neighborhood roads. “Special areas” identified in the code where separate sign standards supersede road type standards. The amount of display area is dependent on the road type/special area where the sign is located, lot and/or building size, and occupant frontage length of a building or lot frontage length for freestanding signs.

Amendments in the list that follows pertain to new concepts in the code. Click “Learn more” for more information and to view examples.

  1. Add alternate standards for signs located in a “Regional Attraction” area identified on the FLUM. Learn more
  2. Change roads and address ranges from neighborhood roads to commercial roads, where warranted. Learn more
  3. Change definition of Downtown Development Area (DT) as defined in the Code of Ordinances. Learn more
  4. Allow bare lightbulbs on sign face when integral to design of sign. Learn more
  5. Add 5-year warranty for all building sign material, except for signs for temporary uses. Learn more
  6. Change wall sign display area maximum for larger buildings (mid-range for mid-size). Learn more
  7. Add 8 sq ft sign allowance for lots sharing property line with SF, TF, or with single family use in downtown special area. Learn more
  8. Add building sign standards for buildings three-stories or greater in downtown special area for visibility from IH-35. Learn more
  9. Limit number of flat panel signs allowed per occupant frontage. Learn more
  10. Allow wall sign display area allowance for canopy signs installed in front of a wall. Learn more
  11. Amend requirements for general purpose and new occupancy banners including placement, display time period, permit violation and extension requests. Learn more
  12. Amend sign standards for temporary occupants to include maximum sign display area and add size limit when semi-rigid materials are used. Learn more
  13. Amend how window signs coverage is measured and prohibit coverage around entry door. Learn more
  14. Amend monument sign standards to clarify base, surround requirements, and EMC allowance. Learn more
  15. Add sandwich board placement requirements to ensure they are not used as freestanding signs along roads. Learn more
  16. Restrict number and clarify placement of directional signs. Learn more
  17. Add height and placement standards for freestanding menu boards at drive-throughs and walk-up windows. Learn more
  18. Prohibit all swooper flags, even without a message. Learn more
  19. Add height limit for decorative features in conjunction with area identification signs (+10 above max height). Learn more
  20. Remove multifamily from business use definition and create specific sign standards for multifamily uses. Learn more
  21. Remove open house license agreement requirement and add federal holidays as an allowable display time. Learn more
  22. Amend duration for promotional signs and add for-profit business promotional sign standards for outdoor events not part of normal operations. Learn more
  23. Limit contractor advertising in neighborhoods. Learn more

Amendments to the development code are recommended in Round Rock 2030, the city’s comprehensive plan. Round Rock 2030 recommends continually reviewing and revising development standards pertaining to commercial development, as needed. City staff continues to monitor changes in sign technology and consumer preferences to balance developers and business owners’ needs with community planning goals and design standards desired by the City.

For more information regarding the approved code amendments please visit Code of Ordinances | Round Rock, TX | Municode Library. An updated sign permit application packet can be found in the Planning and Development website Sign and Banner Permits – City of Round Rock (




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