Rainwater Harvesting

Take advantage of rain events as much as possible to conserve water!

Here’s the Top Reasons why:

  1. It’s free!
  2. Rainwater is always better for plants than treated tap water, due to its nitrogen content.
  3. Collecting rainwater helps prevent erosion.  If you don’t have specific plants or gardens to water, you can capture the water and release it slowly over the days following a rain storm.  Releasing it slowly allows more water to penetrate the ground, and again, prevents erosion–less of your soil will flow off the property with the water!
  4. It’s tax-exempt!  Rainwater harvesting components are tax-exempt per state law.
  5. There’s a rebate from the City!  
  6. Rainwater collection IS permitted within City limits.  HOAs cannot prohibit collection.
  7. Another free and more consistent water source to collect is your air conditioner condensate!  Collect it in the same barrel as your rainwater for continued water savings.  During hot weather, our air conditioners are running more than ever, creating that little stream of water throughout the day that keeps the side of your yard wet and the grass green!  This is basically distilled water that can be used the same way water rainwater can.
  8. Water can be used to fill ponds, birdbaths, water gardens, or slowly released to reduce erosion.
  9. Barrels can be purchased from many places locally!  See the listing below*

(*please note, this isn’t meant to be an all-inclusive list, just a good starting point.)


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