The Purchasing Division supports the procurement requirements of all City Departments.

Purchasing is a division of the City’s Finance Department. The Purchasing Division is charged with managing the procurement of goods and services for the City of Round Rock. Purchasing protects the interest of City taxpayers and is responsible for assuring fair and equitable treatment to all vendors.


The City currently uses respondents registered by commodity code with the State of Texas Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) for solicitations.

Minority and small business vendors are encouraged to respond on any and all City solicitations.

Utilizing centralized coordination of purchasing activities, the Purchasing Division receives purchase requests from the various City departments and determines, with the assistance of the requesting department, the best method of procurement, including open market purchasing, informal solicitations, formal solicitations, cooperative purchasing and procurement card purchases. Centralized coordination of purchasing encourages cost savings through bulk purchases and consolidated purchases as well as compliance with various purchasing legal requirements.

Vendor’s interested in working with The City of Round Rock must comply with The Standard Purchasing Terms and Conditions and The Standard Insurance requirements listed below:
Purchasing Definitions, Standard Terms and Conditions – Updated August 2018
Standard Insurance Requirements – Updated July 2011

Contract Management

The primary purpose of the Contract Management office is to negotiate, administer, extend, terminate and re-negotiate all contracts and agreements (other than construction contracts) for the City. Responsibilities include preparing and administering procurement contracts, contract extensions, bid awards, Inter-local agreements, change orders, budget amendments and agenda requests. This office works with the City’s legal staff as a liaison between the departments and vendors in the execution of the resulting contracts.

Other responsibilities consist of evaluating and monitoring contract performance, determining the necessity of amendments, determining the possibility of extensions and maintaining compliance to contract obligations.

Statement of Purpose

  • To provide the best service possible to all City departments in a fair and equitable manner.
  • To ensure an atmosphere of equality to all vendors without regard to undue influence or political pressure.
  • To protect the interests of the City of Round Rock taxpayers in all expenditures.

Purchasing Division
221 E. Main Street
Round Rock, Texas 78664
Phone: 512-671-2861
Fax: 512-218-5442