Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Easily and safely dispose of leftover paint, pesticides, cleaners, and other household hazardous waste (HHW) at the City’s Recycling Center during a regularly scheduled HHW collection event.

Many common household products contain chemicals that could easily ignite or explode if not disposed of properly. These toxic chemicals can have adverse effects on people, animals, plants, and fish; therefore, they require special care when being disposed of.

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HHW Collection Events

Events are held at the City’s Recycling Center
First Wednesday of every month, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. (rain or shine)
Fall Saturday Collection CANCELED
Alternate Arrangements
To arrange an alternate day or time, please see Appointment Based Service.

What to Bring:

  • Valid driver’s license and
    • Residents:  Recent City of Round Rock water bill
    • Voucher Participants: Valid HHW Voucher
    • Non-residents:  $40 per car, cash or check payments accepted


Please follow these guidelines to help keep the wait time to a minimum.  
  • Seal containers and group together in boxes to prevent spills in your vehicle (please no bags).
  • Items should be easily accessible for staff.
  • Do not mix HHW. Incompatible products might react, ignite, or explode.
  • If possible, keep products in original containers with labels intact.
  • Please label unmarked containers if contents are known.
  • Limit materials to no more than 25 gallons.
  • Remain in your vehicle and a member of our staff will assist you.

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Wastewater_Checkmark Acceptable Items

Wastewater_DoNotDoSign Unacceptable Items

  • Bullets & Live Ammunition
  • Contractor or Business Waste
  • Explosives, Fireworks & Flares
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Medical Waste
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Sharps
  • Tires
  • Trash
  • 30 or 50 Gallon Drums of Materials

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Appointment Based Service:

This service is available to residents and non-residents who cannot come to one of the regularly scheduled collections and need to arrange an alternate drop-off time for HHW materials. Please note that this service cannot be scheduled for the weekend. Please call the City’s Solid Waste Management Coordinator at 512-218-5554 to schedule the appointment.

  • Round Rock Residents:  Bring valid driver’s license and recent City of Round Rock water bill and $20 fee cash or check (no credit/debit cards accepted)
  • Voucher Participants: Bring a valid HHW Voucher and $20 fee cash or check (no credit/debit cards accepted)
  • Non-residents:  Bring $60 fee cash or check (no credit/debit cards accepted)
  • Call 512-218-5554 to schedule an appointment

Automotive Waste

Motor oil, antifreeze, oil filters, car batteries, and other automotive products are accepted from residents daily at the Recycling Center during normal operating hours.

Motor Oil:
Dispose of your used motor oil in the designated oil collection tank at any of the following locations day or night:
  • Public Works Building – 2008 Enterprise Drive
  • Fire Station #6 – 2919 Joe DiMaggio Boulevard
  • Recycling Center – 310 Deepwood Drive (open daily 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on City holidays)

We can accept five gallons or less at the Recycling Center. The gasoline must be in an approved gas container (not in a milk or other plastic jug) and must be handed directly to the attendant on site. Include your name and phone number on the container so it can be returned to you.

Tires – call the following companies for tire disposal information:
  • Wal-Mart Automotive Center: 512-310-9024
  • Discount Tire: 512-341-8593
  • NTB National Tire and Battery: 512-238-9523

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Voucher Program

Out-of-city residents located in the City of Georgetown, Fern Bluff MUD, or Brushy Creek MUD can participate with a valid voucher. See City of Georgetown, Brushy Creek MUD, or Fern Bluff MUD for information on how to obtain a voucher.

Williamson County Residents

Williamson County and Waste Management host HHW collection events twice a year for residents of Williamson County. See Williamson County HHW for more details.

GOT LATEX PAINT?  You may also dispose of LATEX PAINT by following these steps:
  1. Open the can to let the paint dry. Adding cat litter speeds up the process.
  2. Once the paint is completely dry, you may dispose of it and the can with your regular household trash.

1. Determine the total square feet (sq ft) of each area to be painted: Example:
     For each wall, multiply the height by the width: 10 ft. x 12 ft. = 120 sq ft (one wall)
     For each ceiling, multiply the length by the width: 15 ft. x 12 ft. = 180 sq ft (one ceiling)
2. Add up the total sq ft for all walls and ceilings to be painted: 120 sq ft + 180 sq ft = 300 total sq ft

3. Determine gal of paint needed for one coat (divide total sq ft by 400):

300 sq ft / 400 = .75 gallons

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Recycling Center
Open daily 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
310 Deepwood Drive
Round Rock, Texas 78681
Phone: 512-218-5554 | Fax: 512-341-3359