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Current Exhibit is on view through January 4, 2022

We are pleased to present an art exhibit honoring two local veterans, Violet Nicklen and Ricardo Robles. Each artist presents very different artistic styles and subject matter — sports, nature, representational art and abstract. We invite you to learn more about these artists by viewing their bios and artist statements below. 

After you’ve enjoyed the exhibit inside, we recommend you step outside into Prete Plaza, where two of Violet Nicklen’s artworks appear as large-scale banner murals! A poster based on these pieces is available for purchase nearby in the Downtowner Gallery. 

About the artist

Violet Nicklen is an independent professional and award-winning artist who began exploring the arts in the late 1970’s.  She put her pursuit of art on the back burner while serving 30 years in the United States Air Force.   After retiring in 2001, she brought her passion for the arts forward again and returned to University to obtain art combined degrees graduating Magna Cum Laude in Art/Studio Art and Art History from the University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida in 2003.  She completed a Masters Degree in Art History from Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida on scholarship finishing her studies in the international student program located in Paris, France, Summer 2005.  She has studied with many U.S. and international artists over the years, both stateside and overseas.  She began actively exhibiting her artwork in 2001.

Artist Statement

I challenge my creativity and find artistic growth by using combinations of techniques and mediums to craft original works of art that are pleasing to myself and hopefully to my viewers as well.  Many of my favorite works derive from memory and experiences, or combinations of personal photo references and memory.  My art philosophy is:  “Art is the essence of the soul, but the true meaning of a work of art is interpreted in the mind and the eye of the beholder”.

I consider myself an eclectic artist.  I began painting with oils and graphite drawings during the 1970-1980s.  In University I focused on plein air oil landscapes and delved into fine art printmaking.  My curiosity for the effects of various mediums continued after University and since the millennium I have explored painting with pastels, acrylics, encaustic and oils, cold wax and oils, collage, Chinese ink brush, watercolor, and alcohol inks.   I have learned from some of the best artists from around the world and found that each medium improves one’s skills across the art spectrum. 

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About the artist

Ricardo Robles is an American realist painter living and working in his studio right on the outskirts of the Texas Hill Country in Round Rock, Texas. Today he is known for painting wildlife and portraits/figurative works in an embedded southwestern and landscape environment.

Artist Statement

My first views of art were inspired by my parents who were involved in the arts. My mother is a crafter with a long resume of crafting and designing women’s clothes and home designs. My father was a hobbyist cartoonist inspired by mixing Disney characters in a variety of WWII themes. Born and raised in New York City but living in Round Rock TX, I gained a variety of influences from urban to hill country surroundings, sometimes meshed all together. As a self-taught artist, I have completed various workshops and courses in the fine arts and illustration fields. My quest for knowledge is a growing thirst: “I think I will be 80 + years old and still researching and attending workshops to further improve my skills and understanding of the arts.” Art to me is a unique and magical experience where I can create, not just a piece of art, but emotions and interpretations through the filter of my eyes. Handing over a complete piece of artwork to someone and seeing their reactions is priceless and I cannot ask for such a moving experience. I have been creating art since I was 7 years old and 34 years later, I have grown to love it even more.

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About the Round Rock City Council Chamber Gallery

The Round Rock City Council Chamber Gallery is a municipal art gallery in the heart of Downtown Round Rock.  The gallery is located in the Round Rock City Council Chambers at City Hall, 221 East Main Street.  It is free and open to the public for access during regular business hours. The gallery walls serve as a focus on highlighting local and regional talent including individual artists, student art, curators and artisans.   

Round Rock’s vision is to add to the quality of life, strengthening our community, inspiring more investment, and creating a greater sense of place. 

The mission of the arts and culture is to enrich the quality of life, support and foster the enjoyment, understanding, and development of the arts through diverse and engaging experiences. They contribute to the economy and tourism in the community.  The arts and culture also provide resources, education, and artistic initiatives to support and serve individual artists and arts organizations in our community. 

The City Council Chamber Gallery has featured the following artists:

The art exhibit in the Council Chambers is changed quarterly.  If interested in being in the City Council Chamber gallery or more information on the current exhibit, you can send your information to 

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