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A solo exhibition of local artist Hailey Gearo’s work is on view September 11, 2023 – January 2, 2024 in Round Rock City Council Chambers Gallery.

Artist Hailey Gearo earned a Fine Arts degree from Truman State University, where she focused on painting. Relocating from Ohio to the Round Rock area, she now works as a full-time artist. Her art focuses on multimedia abstract expressionism, in a truly expressive way – as a lively showcase of with color, form and texture that is practically in motion.  

In an interview with CanvasRebel, she shared, “I have always known I wanted to be a creator. I like to think I’m built for it…. Inspired by all of the cartoons I watched growing up, my style evolved into a bright, colourful, patterned dreamscape. The colourful chaos not only brought a smile to my face but to those who saw them too. The joy and nostalgia created has become my signature style.”

Beyond showing her vibrant artwork in group and solo gallery exhibitions, Hailey also shares her work through public art projects that have included murals and art benches, live painting events, and by teaching art classes in Austin (and virtually). She also hosts what she calls “intuitive paint parties” to help others create together.

Art shown in this exhibit is available for purchase by connecting with the artist directly. She is also available for commissioned works. Full contact information appears below.

Artist’s Statement

Hailey Gearo is a 29-year-old multi medium abstract expressionist artist from Omaha Nebraska who is obsessed with colour, texture, and movement. Hailey’s art is ever-evolving. She has shifted from depicting the female form and other natural elements as is, to abstracting and simplifying the form into movement that emulates the curves of a woman, and plant life in nature. Through the chaos of her energetic creations she looks to create moments where the viewer can be divinely still. Since moving to Texas in 2021, Hailey has exhibited her work in showcases at Dear Diary Coffeehouse, Black Art Weekend, San Martian Gallery, Pflugerville Public Library, The Eye Of The Beholder, and Almost Real Things. Currently, Hailey is focused on creating moments that elicit a feeling of nostalgia through the use of colour, shape, movement, texture, and the occasional use of glitter.

Connect with the Artist/Purchase Artwork

All art in this exhibit is available for purchase by contacting the artist Hailey Gearo directly. 

Hailey Gearo


Divine Disasters

Instagram: @hailey_gearo

Tik Tok: @haileygearo

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Artist Spotlights

Learn more about how local artists create their works, what they use for inspiration, and how their careers in the arts or separate of the arts brought them to where they are today. 

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