Round Rock City Council Chamber Gallery

On view through September 3, 2024

The Art of Dorothy Mouser
Exhibit location: Round Rock City Council Chamber Gallery
Exhibit dates: May 7, 2024 -September 3, 2024

A lifelong sketcher and portrait illustrator, it was during the COVID-19 pandemic that Dorothy Mouser got more serious about making art. She chose to develop her painting skills to pass the time during the isolation of the pandemic. Her creative expression spans a variety of topics, and as you can see, she was imagining different beautiful outdoor spaces while she was in refuge in her home studio prolifically honing her painting skills and creative expression.

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The City Council Chamber Gallery has featured the following artists:

About Round Rock City Council Chamber Gallery

The Round Rock City Council Chamber Gallery is a municipal art gallery in the heart of Downtown Round Rock, managed by the City of Round Rock Arts and Culture.  The gallery is located in the Round Rock City Council Chambers at City Hall, 221 East Main Street.  It is free and open to the public for access during regular business hours. The gallery walls serve as a focus on highlighting local and regional talent including individual artists, student art, curators and artisans.   

Round Rock’s vision is to add to the quality of life, strengthening our community, inspiring more investment, and creating a greater sense of place. 

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The art exhibit in the Council Chambers is changed quarterly.  If interested in being in the City Council Chamber gallery or more information on the current exhibit, you can send your information to 

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