The Arts in Round Rock

The Arts in Round Rock

Round Rock is an amazing city and continues to be one of the fastest growing municipalities in the United States, and for good reason: It enjoys an awe-inspiring quality of life with exemplary schools, excellent medical facilities, an incredible array of parks, sports, and recreational amenities, a vibrant emerging downtown, terrific shopping and dining opportunities, an AAA baseball team playing in one of America’s premier minor-league stadiums, a culturally- rich arts community with outstanding performing and visual arts programs, a dynamite history, and those famous Round Rock donuts, all wrapped up in a country-living atmosphere. Plus, Round Rock has many hidden treasures and one-of-kind-finds in its rich cultural district that awaits everyone to visit and explore.

The City of Round Rock adopted an Arts Master Plan in June of 2011. “The City is at an important transition point: arts and culture are becoming a crucial component of the City’s quality of life. To this end, the City Council has identified the need to expand and strengthen arts and cultural activities in Round Rock.” The Arts Master Plan has been in place for seven years, and the City of Round Rock has provided the initial increase (organization and fund) in arts and culture assets. The Arts Master Plan is a fluid project that will be augmented to include new arts ideas and visioning with the implementation of a performing arts venus in the future.

Round Rock is becoming a tourist destination that attracts visitors, continues to preserve and reuse historic buildings, enhance the image and visibility of Round Rock’s place, and fosters a supportive environment for arts and culture.


The arts and culture are important to Round Rock’s quality of life, strengthening our community, inspiring more investment, and creating a greater sense of place.


Support the economic development of our community, by adding value to development in the downtown and planned growth areas; Further establish Round Rock as a destination for all types of visitors; Inspire innovation and unique collaboration across public, private, and non-profit sectors; Contribute to Round Rock’s position as a full-service community with a high quality of life.


Strengthen Organizational Structure. Expand and professionalize the art and culture infrastructure to foster collaboration, elevate profile and improve funding.

3 Strategies

CREATE: Places with arts and culture celebrating the past, present and future; JOIN: Higher education, health sciences, and creative industries to inspire innovation; and DEVELOP: Round Rock as a place for making and doing art.

The Arts and Culture of Round Rock is a Family Friendly Experience

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