The Arts in Round Rock

The Arts in Round Rock

Located in the central region of Texas, Round Rock is part of the Greater Austin metropolitan area and has an estimated population above 128,000 people as of January 2023. It continues to be one of the fastest-growing municipalities in the United States. This represents extraordinary growth since 1990, when the estimated population was just under 31,000 (greater than a four-fold increase in just 30 years). By 2040, the population of the City is expected to exceed 194,000.

Round Rock residents cite a high quality of life that is grounded in access to exemplary schools, excellent medical facilities, an incredible array of parks, sports, and recreational amenities, a vibrant and continually emerging downtown, terrific shopping and dining opportunities, an AAA baseball team playing in one of America’s premier minor league stadiums, and a culturally rich arts community with outstanding performing and visual arts programs. 

Since 2011, when Round Rock Arts and Culture was launched as a vital part of City service, the office has been essential in fostering a supportive environment for arts and culture and the extraordinary growth and expansion of arts, culture, and creativity in the life of residents and visitors.

The City of Round Rock has a growing and active arts and culture community that has been supported through the 2011 City Arts and Culture Strategic Master Plan.  The City of Round Rock is home to more than 2,000 jobs in creative industries with annual earnings of nearly $24M.  Arts and cultural nonprofits in Round Rock collectively have revenues of nearly $2.5M.

The reach and impact of RRAC across Round Rock has far exceeded the original recommendations of the 2011 plan. What began as an effort to organize a few events each year to bolster downtown Round Rock and to coordinate activities with Round Rock Arts has grown into a robust office, reaching an audience of more than 200,000 annually. A review of the growing roster of programs and events initiated, organized, managed, and facilitated by RRAC suggests two distinct functions for the office.

RRAC programs are built on the principle of creating a welcoming environment for all Round Rock residents. This is reflected in the office’s efforts to make events and activities accessible to all residents.

The Arts and Culture of Round Rock is a Family Friendly Experience

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