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Arts and Culture Master Plan

The City of Round Rock’s successes and milestones in the past 10 years with respect to arts and culture master plan now requires an update and refresh. The Round Rock Arts and Cultural community has expanded over the years featuring hundreds of artists, arts businesses and programming each year. At the same time, Round Rock and the region around are rapidly growing, with Round Rock identified as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. As the population and economic base grows, market demand for arts and cultural programming and facilities will increase. 

The Arts and Culture Master Plan addresses community interests and needs and market and audience shifts that affect demand for cultural facilities and programming. It also understands how other similarly-sized cities are supporting culture and arts. In addition, the study addresses key feasibility issues related to a new facility with respect to one or more sites that may be available. 

Steering Committee Members

Jeffrey Barnett, David Carter, Bradley Dushkin, Diana Gonzales, Geeta Halley, John Honning, John Howell, Carol Lee, Tim Lowke, Jager Loyde, Trina Tait Martin, Jean Mason, Susan Morgan, Richard Parson, Julio Palacios, Jose Para, Carla Pearson, Richard Phillips, Nick Ramos, Jordan Robinson, Scott  Smith, Gordon Stehr, Makiko Stehr, Marinda Stewart, Natalie Stewart, Susan Tait, Ricky Thompson, Alex Vallejo, Courtney Vletas Hampton, Gregg Ware, Rick White

Questions about the Arts and Culture Plan

Contact the office of Arts and Culture at or 512-671-2705

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