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Enjoy Art in Everyday Settings

We want you to enjoy access to art with ease! Whether you’re walking down the street, through a park, heading to a parking garage, or because you purposefully chose to seek out art.

Our banner mural program serves as temporary public art, changing out at varied frequencies and curated by the City of Round Rock Arts and Culture. For more about public art sculptures, please click here.

We hope public art enhances your experience in Round Rock, sparks conversation or inspires you to create, gives you an extra reason to enjoy the outdoors and local businesses, makes your commute more pleasant, and provides you with a moment to step outside to think about something different from your everyday. 

Recently Installed Art

We’ve added more color for your enjoyment in Round Rock — with murals in two sections of Downtown Round Rock! 

Some of this art was created as site-specific art — created specifically for the location and with a nod to the location’s history (as is the case with Tim Lowke’s “201 Main”). Other pieces add interest and bold color to public buildings and spaces. We are thankful to City of Round Rock staff members for their art installation expertise! 

Along South Brown Street, you’ll find two sets of murals: a ode to Texas longhorns enjoying idyllic repose and a nostalgic look at the Round Rock water tower in murals that look like postcards. 

Newest additions to this area of historic downtown include a series of Texas birds adding interest to a utilitarian building, a large-scale mural “hiding in plain sight” at the parking garage, and a seven panel site-specific banner mural series in the plaza.


Next time you’re in Downtown Round Rock, we hope you’ll take a closer look at your surroundings to enjoy public art murals and sculptures, brought you by the City of Round Rock Arts and Culture department. 

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Artist: Neena Buxani

Title: “Almost Paradise”

Location: Prete Plaza

Artist’s Statement:

“Almost Paradise” celebrates the beauty of nature by combining vibrant color schemes, patterns, and textures that can be found both in the natural world and in the world of fashion. I’m inspired by what I see on the runway, in stores, and in fashion magazines, and by the ways in which elements of nature are expressed through design. Like in fashion, color plays an integral role in my paintings. In this piece, I chose to exaggerate the tones of my subjects to add a dramatic effect. I believe nature has a dark and a light side. By depicting flora and fauna in vibrant, uplifting hues, I aim to highlight nature’s glamour and grace. Ultimately, my wish is to spread positivity and hopefulness through my work, one painting at a time.

About the artist Neena Buxani

Neena Buxani is an Indian-American artist who was raised on the border of Mexico in Brownsville, Texas. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and two boys. Neena has a B.S. in Advertising and Speech Communications and an M.S. in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as a Gemological Certification from GIA. She has worked as a substance abuse counselor, jewelry buyer, loan officer, jewelry store owner and general manager for a hotel. Her multifaceted background and multicultural upbringing has helped to shape her vision as a self- taught artist.

Neena’s work has been featured in various publications such as Create! Magazine, All SHE makes Magazine, the Friend of the Artist Book, EASTside Magazine, the Bluehost Artist Spotlight, and the KXAN Artist Spotlight. Her paintings have been represented by Tommy Bahama Home, PxP Contemporary, and Austin Art Garage. Neena has had recent solo exhibits at the Dougherty Arts Center, Austin American Resource Center, the Arts Council of Brazos Valley and the Austin Bergstrom International Airport.  She has also served as a curator for the Round Rock Texas State University.

Connect with the artist

Neena Buxani

Artist: Amado Castillo III

Title: “Johnny Degollado”

Location: 221 East Main, at Prete Plaza

About the artist Amado Castillo III

Amado Castillo III is a self-taught artist who grew up in the east side of Austin, Texas. His passion for drawing and painting began at an early age. Inspired and influenced by local artist Raul Valdez, Robert Hurst and Amado Pena’s artwork and success to mention a few, Amado Castillo’s art is primarily in acrylic and oil paint. As a teenager, he was given the opportunity to design and spray paint his first mural that stated “Tejano and Proud” in graffiti style. In high school he experimented with different paints and styles, where he would bring back awards as a freshman second place at the divisional art competition Artist Harvest and the following year Honorable Mention awards. Amado now focuses on exposing his art to the Austin public and communities.

About the painting, “Johnny Degollado”:

A colorful painting of Johnny Degollado doing his musical thing. “Johnny Degollado is one of Conjunto music’s most prolific songwriters and master accordionists. Known around his hometown of Austin as El Montopolis Kid, Degollado started his own band in 1952. As a youth, he would spend weekends at an open-air dance venue called La Polkita in Del Valle, southeast of Austin, watching the best accordionist in central Texas: Camilo Cantu, also known as El Azote de Austin.” – Rancho Allegre Records. Read more about the career of Johnny Degollado:

Connect with the artist

Amado Castillo III


Artist Statement:

I have this need to communicate my ideas through abstract shapes. It is my way of providing explanations about how I feel about something, or what I experience somewhere. The smooth shapes themselves tend to simplify what I see, but the placement of these shapes and their closeness to one another speak to the complexity of what I want to convey.

Artist Bio:

Betsy is an Artist who began painting within the last 5 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Costume Construction, and returned to college later to complete her Master of Science in Nursing. She continues to enjoy working as a Registered Nurse in public health, and also continues her commitment to focusing on the development of her vision as a Painter.

She celebrates her personal achievements in her studio and participates in shows around the city to be a voice in the Austin art community. What started as a small practice for self expression, has continued to grow and flourish by sharing her artistic perspective on life with others.

Betsy lives in the Austin area with her husband Justin and 3 children. Their 2 dogs and many outdoor activities give her much to appreciate throughout the year. She currently serves on the board of the local non-profit Creative Arts Society, a group for Artists in greater Austin.

Artist Website:

Artist: Stephen A. Harper

Title: “Tin Men of Texas”

Location: Brown Street, just off West Main Street in Downtown Round Rock

Artist Statement:

Preserving and shedding light on our magnificent surroundings and its stories is Stephen A. Harper’s current assignment as a photographer. The Tin Men of Texas series does this by capturing timely portraits of original water towers across Texas with the mission of encouraging folks to explore and develop a greater affection for Texas.

About the artist Stephen Harper

Over the last five years Stephen has been dedicated to capturing landmark photography. In 2009, he graduated in Full Sail University with an art degree in filmmaking.

Note from the artist about the postmarks on each of the murals:

The dates on the postage stamps for each panel includes the year the tower was built as well as my wife and I’s anniversary and the birthdates of my two boys.

Follow the Artist:

“201 Main”
Site specific work on mesh fabric

Location: Prete Plaza, Downtown Round Rock

Artist Statement:

201 Main is a response to the vitality of the historic downtown core of the city. Cast through a palette reflective of Brushy Creek that runs to the north of downtown Round Rock and the historical architecture scattered throughout the area, the piece is composed of cast off pieces of life that in the moment, have meaning. Imagery incorporated within the piece is ephemeral fragments reflective of Round Rock history, music, text, photography and the natural environment of this region. Rendered through multiple processes ranging from cyanotype to watercolor, the original piece was scanned, enlarged and printed for installation outside.

My process has been compared to strip piecing or quilting. Strip piecing is a patchwork quilt-making technique that is accomplished by sewing multiple fabrics together to create a “strip set” that looks just like a portion of a quilt block. The strip set is cut apart to yield segments that replace two or more pieces of fabric. I employ a similar method with found materials and papers I construct specially for the piece.

I hope you enjoy this community responsive piece.  I work to continually explore themes and investigations from my daily life as an artist, educator, father, and gardener in 21st century Texas.

Artist Biography:

Working two-dimensional artist, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education, University of Texas at Austin; Master of Education in Educational Administration, Southwest Texas State University. An art educator with thirty years’ experience who is currently the Assistant Director for Visual and Performing Arts for Round Rock ISD. He teaches throughout the community, state and on the national level and is a current faculty member of The Contemporary Austin at Laguna Gloria.  An award recognized professional by his peers, Mr. Lowke is a published author and working artist in addition to his art education practice.  

Follow the artist:

Artist: Kathleen McElwaine

Title: “Longhorn Series”

Location: Brown Street, just off West Main Street in Downtown Round Rock

Artist Bio:

I grew up on a small quarter horse ranch in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a full-fledged cowboy daddy. Much of my childhood was spent, sketchbook in hand, in the front seat of a ‘54 Chevy pickup truck at the closest calf roping. With the sun warming my face through the windshield of that old truck, I learned to love the lay of the land, art, and animals. My passion for art and creativity was born there.

My goal as a professional artist is the same as it was when I first started, to passionately show the world my view of the beauty all around us. I want everyone who views my work to enjoy some “original Texas whimsy.”

My husband and I lived in Texas a short time before we started hearing each new person we met say, “I’m so happy you’re here!” I felt like I was being included as a Texan.  One day as we drove in the country, we came upon six longhorns standing by a fence watching all the people out of their cars taking photos of them. The longhorns were looking at the people, and the people were looking at the longhorns. My husband pulled the car over at my bidding, and I joined the people. I asked if this was a unique thing to see longhorns. I had grown up helping my father take care of cattle and was familiar with the beauty of longhorns. I took a few photos. On the way home, I looked at the pictures and began to visualize the paintings I wanted to paint. The first one would show six longhorns standing together looking straight at the viewer. I knew this would be the first of a series of longhorn paintings titled Together We Stand. A short time later I added Bessie in the Bluebonnets and Party of Three.

Follow the artist:


Library Lightbox Mural

When you enter the main floor of the Round Rock Public Library, you’ll notice a colorful, glowing mural! 

Round Rock Arts and Culture was called upon to source artwork for this focal point, and Kristin Sue Kim‘s artwork, “Angel Flower 3B.” Fun Fact: The same printing and materials were used for this lightbox mural as we do for our outdoor banners. 

Pictured at right is the artist, Kristen Sue Kim, with Anton Murray of the Round Rock Public Library. 

Kristin Sue Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her maiden name is Kim (Jeoung), Sook-Kyoung. She has a husband (Medical Doctor) and three sons and currently lives in Round Rock within the Austin metro area.

She was an international student at San Diego State University and went to North Carolina Wesleyan College, Hyosung Catholic University, Bowie State University, and AUC Graduate School.
Her major was Fine Arts and Education.

She was awarded in the Mok Woo Hae (목우회) and in the Korea Art Festival (한국미술 대전). In the United States of America, she was awarded first place in the Spring Art Festival in Maryland. She also won first place in the Artist Contest in Germany. She was a member of the Korean Artist Association of Southern California, the Washington D.C. Artist Association, the Texas Southwestern Artist Association and Texas Watercolor Society and the Environment Art Organization. She had a group show exhibition at the 22nd Century Gallery, Saeh-jong Culture Hall Gallery (세종 문화 회관 전시실), Korean Culture Hall in Los Angeles (L.A. 한국 문화원 전시실). She also had an exhibition with other American artists in California, Florida, Washington D.C., Maryland, North Carolina, and Texas.

At first, Kristin Sue Kim’s paintings focused on the pastel tone still life and it was then changed to colorful landscape. She also painted abstract art as featured in her painting “The 4th of July,” “Heaven” and “Angel Puzzle Series.” She has had her own show and group show exhibitions in the United States of America, South Korea and Europe.  Kristin Sue Kim had a group art show with other artists in MD, VA, Washington D.C., CA, FL, NC, TX and South Korea, Europe.

Follow the artist through her website:

Mini Murals

Our mini murals series places artwork at the scene of local history. These small public artworks also add unexpected interest in an uncommon location – art that is wrapped around signal box structures!

At the entrance of the Koughan Memorial Water Tower Park, you’ll find a painting depicting a group of Local Legends — Round Rock’s Domino Players. This artwork appears within steps from where these gentlemen would often play their games of “42.” Two blocks north along Mays Street (at Anderson Street) you will find a signal box emblazoned with an historic photo of the original Round Rock High School building, now CD Fulkes Middle School. 

Citywide Murals

Separate of our own public art, murals can be found all over Round Rock! Thank you to all of the local businesses that incorporate murals inside and outside of their businesses, offering professional experiences to artists and adding to the visual landscape of our community! A few of the many examples throughout Round Rock appear at right.

Where have YOU seen a mural in Round Rock, or are you a business that is host to artist-made murals? Let us know (! 

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