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Building Beauty

See the exhibit March 9-May 5, 2023

We invited artists to consider (and not be limited to) real places; historic structures; imaginary and literary buildings; as well as the notion of architecture in other realistic, natural, surreal, and abstract forms. Marvel at what local and area artists created (or built) in response to this topic.

Within this exhibit, you’ll take a trip to Gamcheon Cultural Village’s densely layered streets; enjoy a New York skyline made of Legos; and stand in front of a beloved grandmother’s house. You’ll also travel into the imagination — into a dollhouse enveloped in yarn with wild rooms to explore, including one filled with rabbits. Joining architecture, art and science, one artist explores an urban design for a city made from kelp. Throughout, there are feelings of nostalgia, wonder, geometry. an admiration for details, shadows, lines, and patterns. As a bonus, we are also presenting a scale model of the cluster of buildings at Prete Plaza, including our own!

All art, unless otherwise noted, is available for purchase from exhibits in the Downtowner Gallery. We also have a gallery gift shop.  

Thank you to our guest juror for this exhibit, Sylvia Troconis. Stay tuned for announcements about the juror awards in this exhibit. 

Meet the artists and mingle with fellow art lovers at a special Saturday open house in the Downtowner Gallery: 

These open house events are hosted by our gallery partners, the visual arts nonprofit Round Rock Arts. Come by to meet members of their organization and find out how you can get involved!


In addition, these Saturdays are concurrent to the Round Rock PopUp Art Shows events taking place in Prete Plaza, adjacent to the Downtowner Gallery. 

With each new exhibit in the Downtowner Gallery, we partner with a different guest juror to help select the artwork from the pool of applicants.

We thank our guest juror, Sylvia Trocinis for selecting the artworks in this exhibit from the open call for applicants. 

Follow the artist:

About Sylvia Troconis: 

Sylvia Troconis is an Austin-based visual artist from Caracas, Venezuela who is known for creating eclectic, colorful and contemporary abstract artworks with a high level of precision.
Sylvia’s work investigates the interaction between color, materials and a combination of techniques including sculpture, painting and mark making. Her work is minimalist in concept but complex in technique. Her simple, elegant sculptural forms combine a refined sense of modernist color-blocking with the hard edges of precision cutting technologies, and the warmth of natural wood. She is as comfortable creating larger format wall art and installations to intimate 3D geometric sculptures, as well as a range of design-infused collaborative works with fellow creatives.

A fascination with art, architecture, fashion and design has been with the artist from the very beginning. These things, and an ever-evolving interest in science (physics and chemistry) are all echoed in her creative process. A visual dialogue between these multiple worlds arises — on a conceptual level, the level of materiality and the level of techniques.

About her drive to create sculptural works, the artist says “What I love about working on 3-D assemblages is the opportunity to evoke a sense of discovery in viewers, as they encounter a piece for the first time. In my mind, it’s similar to that childlike sense of wonder we experienced as children when everything was new to us, and we were learning about ourselves as well as the world around us. Add to that my predilection for working with power tools, and the ability to play with negative space on flat surfaces, and I’m in my element.”

The production of sculptural works with a sense of bright, joyful confidence is a hallmark of Sylvia Troconis’ work. In her spare time, Sylvia enjoys exploring Austin’s variety of eclectic art, culinary, and cultural experiences with her husband Guillermo, her children, Diego and Gustavo, and their dog Keiki.

Artists whose art is featured in this exhibit:

  • Cynthia Acevedo
  • Preeti Agrawal
  • Jesus Ambrocio
  • Kryste Armijo
  • Lauren Avance
  • Jaclyn Blackerby
  • Jerry Caperton
  • Michael Clark
  • Jara Fatout Lang
  • Diane Fraser
  • Jenn Holden
  • Emily Ingalls
  • Petra Krugel
  • Martha Kull
  • Karen Limbaugh
  • Maria Magaldi
  • Harrison Marek
  • Mozelle Marks
  • Zita Masley
  • Taylor McCarrey
  • Christopher Newland
  • Tatiana Nikolova-Houston
  • Cindy Nowotny
  • Rachel Place
  • Kenny Poehl
  • Jan Pomeroy
  • Erika Provinsal
  • Rhonda Roe
  • Elizaveta Rybina
  • Cindy Schiffgens
  • Sharon Shelton
  • Loren Siems
  • Marga Silvestre
  • Jo Snyder
  • Zoee Xiao
  • Guest Juror Sylvia Troconis



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Exhibits at the Downtowner Gallery

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Exhibit Opportunities:

 “BUILDING BEAUTY“: Art and Architecture

DEADLINE TO APPLY: February 22, 2023 at 11pm


“PLASTIC” As a medium and as a topic

DEADLINE TO APPLY: April 12, 2023 at 11pm


“PROJECT: HAPPINESS” Creativity and mental health

DEADLINE TO APPLY ONLINE: June 14, 2023 at 11pm


“ADORNMENT” Art of wearing

DEADLINE TO APPLY: August 9, 2023 at 11pm


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Looking Back

Since our opening in August 2019, we have had the pleasure of meeting visitors for near and far, exhibiting art by a diverse range of talented artists, providing art experiences, and having lots of fun too! 


The Downtowner Gallery is the collaboration by the City of Round Rock Arts and Culture with the visual arts nonprofit Round Rock Arts. Together we present artwork created by local/area artists. The gallery also serves as a pickup/drop off point for the local mental health awareness nonprofit, Pick With Austin

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