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“Digital Edition: Art + Technology”

A hybrid exhibit


Exhibit Dates: October 4-November 11, 2022

We will be closed in September during construction projects, but working behind-the-scenes to present you our next exhibit, “Digital Edition,” opening on Tuesday, October 4th. 

“Digital Edition” is a hybrid exhibit. What does that mean? First, it will debut as a virtual exhibit, released on our social media on September 13, 2022, for you to enjoy from home. Then, a few weeks later, we invite you to come see the art in person from October 4-November 11, 2022 in the Downtowner Gallery. 

Click here to watch the virtual exhibition on our Facebook page. 

Starting from the digital revolution of the 1990s to the social media era, digital technology has revolutionized the way we create and experience art today.

It has transformed the traditional forms of art such as painting, printing, photography, and sculpture in the form of assemblage, collage, digital painting, matte painting, 3D printing.

It also gave birth to new practices and media that we find today such as CGI, fractal art, generative art, glitch art, Datamoshing, algorithmic art, AI art, light art, net art, and immersive art (VR and AR).

This exhibition reveals the diversity of practices and media we find today in digital arts. Among the techniques and technologies, we present AI generated art; digital painting and photography; mixed media art with watercolor, linocut prints, and more!

All of the artists in the “Digital Edition” exhibit used digital technology within some part of their creative process.

Thank you to guest juror, Laurie Frick, as well as our gallery partners from the visual arts nonprofit Round Rock Arts!

Digital Edition

Juba Davis

Charlie Favret

Chloe Janowski

Harrison Marek

Christopher Newland

Steven Ng

Sol Encryptus

Carol Fox Henrichs

Christopher Fraher

Rachel Hancock

Madison Howard

Ethan Lankford

Yvonne Palkowitsh

Lauren Schroeder

Guy Singer II

Stan Unser

Clare Wuellner

Lisa Zinna

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Tuesday – Friday:  12 noon – 5 p.m.*

*Please note: We will be closed during September 2022, during downtown construction projects. We will reopen October 4, 2022 with our new exhibit, “Digital Edition,” featuring local/area artists. 

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