Commercial Facade and Site Improvement Grant



Program Overview

The City of Round Rock has created a program called the Facade and Site Improvement Grant. It is designed to assist owners and tenants improve the exteriors of buildings within the program boundaries to make them more economically viable and visually appealing by repairing, replacing, removing and installing signs and awnings and/or by renovating the facades of buildings. The program is a matching grant in which the city matches dollar for dollar what the applicant spends on eligible items up to $100,000. The grant may not exceed 50% of the total project cost.

Currently, the grant program is only available to properties within two areas; North Mays and South Mays sections as outlined in the map below. North Mays properties eligible are located within the red boundary lines. South Mays properties eligible are located along South Mays between E. Logan Street and Hesters Crossing Road and are adjacent to the red boundary line.

Reimbursement Eligibility

Eligible reimbursement items are expenses incurred in connection with the following improvements:

  • Signs (new, repairs, replacement, removal)
  • Awnings
  • Exterior paint
  • Removal/replacement of inappropriate or incompatible exterior finishes or materials
  • Door/window/trim replacement or repair
  • Brick/stone/masonry
  • Structural improvements to the facade
  • Exterior lighting detached or attached to the facade
  • Pavement, parking lot and sidewalks
  • Exterior or patio seating creation
  • Landscaping including dumpster screening
  • Art windows
Examples of exterior improvements that qualify for the program
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