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Tool requests take a minimum of 48 hours to process.
If you are new user and are creating a new Portal Account please allow at least 3 business days.
New tool requests are processed Monday through Friday.

The City of Round Rock provides residents with the ability to borrow tools through the use of The Tool Depot

The Tool Depot

The City of Round Rock has been providing residents with the ability to borrow tools since 2014 through the use of its Tool Lending Center. We are pleased to announce that we are expanding this program with the opening of The Tool Depot.

Imagine a book library, but with tools. Instead of purchasing tools that might be used once or a couple of times a year, residents can borrow them for free. Note: Requests can be made during regular business hours, federal holidays excluded. Requests may not be responded to after-hours. 

Access to the Tool Depot and the individual tool(s) is secured and controlled by Bluetooth-enabled hardware and integrated Master Lock Vault Enterprise software. 

An easy-to-use app eliminates the need for physical keys. Authorized users will gain simple temporary access to the Tool Depot and the desired tool(s). 


The Tool Depot is located at 304 E Bagdad Ave. 

Available Tools and User Manuals

Lawn Mowers
User Manual

Weed Trimmers
User Manual

Hedge Trimmers
User Manual

User Manual

Seed & Feed Spreaders
User Manual

User Manual

Borrowing Tools

Step 1:
Create an account in the City of Round Rock’s Permit Portal. If you need assistance, please refer to our video tutorial.

Step 2:   
Once your account has been created, log in to the Permit Portal and enter the information into the required fields. You will be required to submit a copy of your Texas Driver’s License with a current Round Rock, Texas address and check the boxes verifying that you have read and understand the release waiver as well as the proper use of the requested tool(s).

Step 3:
Once your request has been received and your information has been verified, you will be sent an email to download and access the free Master Lock Vault Enterprise app on your mobile device. Please do not download the app until you have received this email from Masterlock. You will be asked to enter the ID and password. This must be done before you can gain access to the Tool Depot. Please check your SPAM and Junk mail folders. You will not have access until you receive a comment in your Portal case confirming that you have been given access to the requested tools. Furthermore, the locks for the tools requested will appear in the lock screen on the Masterlock Vault App. If there are no locks showing on this screen please do not go to the Tool Depot because you have not been given authorization yet. 

Step 4:
You will then proceed to the Tool Depot and park in the designated Tool Depot parking space. Next, enter the building using the lock code for the door and locate the requested tool(s). The lights and a vent fan will automatically turn on and off when you leave. Unlock the tool(s) using the app or temporary lock combination. Finally, you will replace the tool lock and ensure that it is secured. If a ramp is necessary, you may utilize the provided ramp to assist you with removing the larger tools from the shed. 

NOTE: The shackle on the Bluetooth locks can sometimes get stuck. Please have patience with them. If you experience this issue, attempt to unlock it using the App multiple times. If the lock continues to malfunction after multiple attempts, enter the temporary lock code provided to you.

Step 5:
Once your tools are loaded and secured in your vehicle, remove the ramp and place it back inside the shed. Close and secure both double doors, place the lock onto the latch and ensure that the lock is closed and secure. 

Returning Tools

When you have finished using the tool(s), please ensure that they are cleaned and returned in the condition in which they were received. Please do not refill them with fuel.

Return the tool(s) by placing them in the marked return area and ensure that the tools are locked and secured.

take one of the RED TAGS located in the basket by the Eye and Ear Protection. Attach the tag to the lock or cable of the tool that you are returning. This will ensure that the tool gets serviced and placed back into our inventory as quickly as possible.

Once we have received the tool(s) and verified they are working properly, we will close the request in the Permit Portal and you will receive a confirmation email and a brief survey.

NOTE: After business hours, if you are unable to unlock the Tool Depot, please do not leave the tool(s) unsecured. Keep the tool(s) until the next business day and send us a comment via the Permit Portal. We will arrange a time to meet you and retrieve the tool(s).

Additional Information

Tools may be borrowed for up to 48 hours, and the Paint Spraying Kit may be borrowed for 7 to 14 days, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

These tools can be heavy and will need plenty of space to be transported safely in your vehicle. It may be necessary to use a truck to transport. We also suggest you bring a friend to help you lift and secure the item(s) in your vehicle.

Please utilize all safety equipment and follow all directions while operating any tool.

Gasoline-powered tools will be fully gassed before you borrow them. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE ANY GASOLINE OR FLUID IN THE TANKS. If more gasoline is required, please contact us and we will provide additional fuel to complete your project.

Tools borrowed from the Tool Depot are the sole property of the City of Round Rock and are for the intended personal use of residents of the City of Round Rock. Tools must be returned on time and in the same condition in which they were received. Any intentional misuse, failure to return, or intentional damage to property belonging to the City of Round Rock may result in suspension of further use of the Tool Depot and/or legal action. 

Tool Lending Center

The Round Rock City Council has made neighborhood revitalization and protection a top priority. The Tool Lending Center (TLC) is an effort toward that goal by Neighborhood Services that launched in April 2014.

The TLC allows residents the opportunity to check out tools and other implements to keep their neighborhoods beautiful and healthy.

The TLC was made possible by the Round Rock Home Depot donating $6,250 worth of tools.

The Tool Lending Center is designed to be deployed for organized projects such as neighborhood cleanups or other beautification projects where volunteers (scouts, church groups, school groups, etc.) are organized and available.

For neighborhood cleanups, tools will be available for residents of that neighborhood to checkout.

The Tool Lending Center is not available for individuals to check out tools that are not part of an organized event. 

List of tools available >

To learn more or make a reservation, contact
Note: For full tool lending trailer deployments, we ask that you please give two weeks’ notice prior to your cleanup project.
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