Teen UniverCity



About Teen UniverCity

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for a firefighter to battle a car fire or climb to the top of a ladder mounted to a fire truck? Or how about a SWAT officer exiting from an armored vehicle upon arriving at a high-risk scene? These are just a couple of the amazing opportunities participants get to experience while attending Teen UniverCity.

Participants will also learn firsthand the inner workings of city government and l how each employee contributes to the quality of life in Round Rock. See first-hand how youth can have a voice in local government issues as well as explore future career opportunities in the municipal sector.

The program is for high school teens who attend school or reside in the City of Round Rock. Membership will be composed of at least two to three representatives from each of the high schools within Round Rock.

The Benefits of Participating

  • Meet with various city officials and staff
  • Learn strategies for improving the community
  • Career development education
  • Hands on scenario-based training with Police and Fire personnel
  • Meet new people and network

Online applications are now open. If you have questions about upcoming classes please email us at Neighborhoods@roundrocktexas.gov.

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