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Since its inception in 2012, Neighborhood Services has developed programs and services for active and engaged neighborhoods to revitalize themselves using community resources. These award-winning programs have been recognized by statewide and national organizations such as Neighborhoods USA and the Texas Municipal League.

Neighborhood Services Goals

  • Maintain property values
  • Increase code compliance
  • Create a sense of community
  • Increase the feeling of safety
  • Foster resident pride in their neighborhood
  • Encourage property upkeep and maintenance
  • Ensure smooth transitions between incoming and outgoing neighborhood leaders

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Neighborhood Programs and Services

The City provides a trailer containing everything a neighborhood would need to host a neighborhood block party including tables, chairs, ice chests, games and a sound system. Therefore, the trailer makes it easy to host a block party and the trailer is available for neighborhoods to borrow at no cost.

Having a house number that is easily identifiable on your property helps with a timely response to emergency calls for service, package delivery and food delivery. You can borrow the kit at no cost.

The City’s goal is to assist the repair and upgrade of neighborhood infrastructure. Staining and sealing your wood fence can protect the beauty and value of your home.  Even if your fence is weathered, it can be restored making it look beautiful for years to come. 

The City conducts directed neighborhood cleanups where one or two specific neighborhoods are involved. 

Neighborhood Matching Grant Program

This program provides funding for a matching grant initiative to be offered to registered neighborhood organizations. Grant funding will be available on a 50/50 match basis (up to $5,000) for any qualified, neighborhood sponsored project.

The kit contains everything a neighborhood would need to host a movie night including a screen, projector, Blu-ray player, speakers and microphone.

Thinking of starting your neighborhood organization? Visit our Resource Page for a step by step guide to help you get started.

This program encourages high school students to become active in the community by participating in local government and to serve as youth ambassadors for the City. 

Tool Lending

The City of Round Rock provides residents with the ability to borrow tools through the use of The Tool Depot and the Tool Lending Center. The Tool Depot gives users the opportunity to easily borrow specific tools, while the Tool Lending Center can be deployed for larger organized projects.

This 11 week program was designed to engage and educate residents on the operations of the City.  Each City department hosts a presentation, tour or break out session each week, and provides valuable information about day to day operations of the City and future projects. 

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